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[Melb] Vacuum gauges - never mind, got 'em.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. ...and the ability to not only use them but demonstrate how?

    If so, you could be the star of our first weekly spanner night, next Wednesday (location TBC but in Melb). Beer's on us. Anyone interested?

  2. Vacuum guages

    I've got a set Loz. If you're intersested in organising a spanner day/night I have an automotive workshop in Ashburton. We could run a Saturday arvo or a night one except for Monday or Wednesday nights. Duncan.
  3. Re: [Melb] Anyone got carb synch vacuum gauges?

    Yeah. Sure. ;-)

    So who gets a free tune??

    Twin, triple or four? Japanese or European? (Origin of bike, not the rider.)

    Has the bike(s) had a recent, correct valve adjustment?

    New plugs? Electronic ignition or correctly timed?

    It all helps...

    I could probably do it this Wednesday only - I have to be in Melly thursday am, so it just means coming down earlier.


    Trevor G
  4. when i saw u replied, i was about to say this was in Melb, Trev... but since ur coming down :p
  5. Yah. I can do valve adjustments too if someone brings an angle grinder. ;-)

  6. Re: [Melb] Anyone got carb synch vacuum gauges?

    >cough< Shouldn't you have changed the title by now???


  7. ?????

    Doesn't look like anyone is. :cry:
  8. Yep, Trevor's coming down with a set and JohnnyO may bring one as well. So we're sorted, thanks guys!
  9. Any interest in a spanner day/night in Ashburton?
  10. I'd be up for a spanner night / afternoon on the east / south side.

    I need all the help I can get :p
  11. yeah south east would be a lot easier lol, its gonna be a long drive/ride over too yarraville. But should be a good night
  12. Yes, definitely! If its carby balancing and its weekend preferably. Got regular commitments Tues/Wed night.
    Well interested. :dance:
  13. I'm going so quit ya bitchin' about distance :p
  14. Just to be clear - I don't want to have these nights at my place all the time, it was just the path of least resistance for the first one. Happy to move them to wherever - but Duncan's Ashburton workshop isn't available on Wednesday nights.
  15. Yeah, sweet mate. Don't feel bad about hoggin' tha limelight.

    I'm lookin' forward to doin' an oil change night in ya lounge room. Anytime soon.


    The G