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Melb used bike dealer??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SMG, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. In the market for a decent 2nd hand road/sports bike. Would like something around late 90's- early 2000's model. I live in Melbourne western suburbs, can anyone suggest any good dealers or bike shops to check out?

  2. Do yourself a favor and buy in the private market. Dealers aren't required to offer warranties on used bikes. And private sellers are generally selling their bikes cheaper than the dealers, anyway.

    Plenty out there if you look in www.bikesales.com.au or www.bikepoint.com.au websites.
  3. Hey SMG,

    +1 with mtj57's thoughts. Buy privately for sure mate.

    Also check out the 'Bikes for Sale' in the forums. Always something worth a look.
  4. Fair enough. Good advice, thanks.
  5. Hey SMG, want a GSXR750K7 ? Immaculate, for sale.
  6. Hey Nickers777, what year is it and how much are you asking? I assume you are in Melbourne?
  7. Some times you can strike it lucky with a dealer,i bought a 02 zx9 3&1/2 years ago 17,000 on the clock since then i have done 132,000 ks on her with the only repairs fuel pump. Spot on in elizabeth street
  8. SMG - check 'Bikes For Sale' section...full writeup.
  9. Most dealers will sell bikes that are in good nick. My point was that even though they are in good nick there is always that risk of something breaking shortly after you purchase it. And secondly, dealers tack on a profit margin above what it costs to roadworthy it and detail it for sale, as well as finance charges on it.

    With a private sale you don't have that sort of margin to deal with.