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(Melb) Uplifting trance at QBH tonight, 23/3/08

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Hey Guy's, anyone out there up for some uplifting, hard trance music tonight?

    Sean Tyas from the USA is playing tonight at QBH nightclub, I am getting my ticket at the door, I expect it to be around $60

  2. Stay away from the disco bikkies
  3. If i didnt have a wedding on last night i would have been there for sure. Ah well. Hanging out for tiesto now :cool:
  4. cool, which day are you going?
  5. The first night, sat night. Actually i havent paid my mate for the tix yet so better get onto that. You going?
  6. you guys going to tiesto, me too. i'm going to the saturday 26th.
    too bad its at festival hall though, heard it not a good venue.
  7. supposed to be going sunday but havent got the ticket in my hand yet so you never know
  8. It's not too bad if you like dirty and dingy ol' firetraps. Guess it must be cheap to hire.
  9. its a mad venue.

    your old :p

    arrrggh i wish i had tix for Tiesto :cry:
  10. I may be going
  11. anyone see donkey rollers friday night?
  12. yeah q-dance rocked!
  13. Spewin I missed Q-dance, love Donkey Rollers :-(
  14. yeah i would have loved to go to q dance but thats life hey. :evil:
    would have been nice if we had got early bird tickets when i suggested it.
  15. It isnt QBH anymore isnt it? I thought it was famous or is that the night?
  16. Hmmm just another fcuk up of mine, maybe my gf could have got them for me?
  17. i have one ticket for tiesto 27th april for sale if anyone is interested.