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MELB: Up to 70% off - Cheap Gear - Opening Sale Sat- MACC

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SOBIL, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    was down at Brighton Bikes and Bits today talking to the guys for hours on end and i thought id share with you all this bit of news with ya. The owner is opening another shop in Richmond this saturday with up to 70% off. I got him to send my a copy of some of the specials as i thought you may be interested to see. A fair bit of Trail gear, but a good amount of road as well. Looks like there will be some good deals.

    Motorcycle Accesory Clearance center <NEW
    Brighton Bikes And Bits

    They are having a sale at Bikes and bits too.

    Oh and if anybody feels realy generous and wants to buy me a set of gloves for an early X-mas pressie i would be over the moon!!!!

  2. Bugger, that'll be the first day in Tassie. Probably shouldn't be spending the $ anyway.
  3. Interesting... I realise you won't be able to tell what the new store has, but would you be able to tell me what kind of road gear the Brighton store carries - i.e. a few of the brands of leather jackets, boots and helmets?

  4. Loz like cheap.
  5. I so need summer gloves, hope i can get there... but should be saving for NSW... guess i could put that phone bill off another month?? ok maybe not.
  6. There are some crazy specials in there.
    Pity I won't surface early enuff to pick up one of the Dririder Airflow jackets for $99.
    Still, $125 is pretty good after the 1st 10 are sold!
  7. I do need some new summer gloves . For the life of me i cant remember where i put them last year ](*,) ](*,)
  9. does that mean its your turn to buy coffee and cake on sunday because you can't remember what you said.
  10. he did say that he had summer gloves going cheap at the new store. he said that after he saw the condition of my gloves.

    the gear down at brighton if mainly dirt gear but they have a bit of road gear too. From what i gather it will be the oddball stuff that may be a season or 2 old will be the cheap stuff, and from what i saw there was a bit of road gear too. its definately worth dropping in just for a gander.
  11. How can i buy anything , im married now remember . Rhonda has all the money :cry: :cry: