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[Melb] Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day!!

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Flipper, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Two Wheel Torque
    invites all bikes to attend the
    Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day

    Place: Heathcote Raceway

    Date: August 7th (rainout day August 14th)

    Racing from 11am - 4pm

    $40 to race, $15 to spectate.

    enquiries call Joanne on 0416 072 478

    I have a copy of the flyer here if anyone wants me to email it.
  2. Re: Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day!!

    Take the mighty across down the drag strip and see what time you get :LOL:
  3. Re: Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day!!

    I'm tipping faster than you seeing as I don't see any bike under your name :p :LOL:
  4. Re: Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day!!

    Take all the crap outta the boot and it'll go faster.. :wink: :LOL:
  5. Re: Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day!!

    (after picking my self of the floor) i bet it will go at least 2 x as fast like that!
  6. Re: Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day!!

    1. without a car at the moment, the boot was fuller than ever today.
    2. If people stop the old question "Deb, can I chuck this in your boot" I wouldn't have so much in there.
    And 3. Watch yaself mister, you are gonna love being on the back of the Across this Friday night :p :D
  7. Re: Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day!!

    bwahahahaha.... OWNED :LOL:
  8. When are you guys gunna get it right????? It's not a boot it's a hand bag!!!!! That i'll hold a slab!!
  9. Dammit! Mines A MANBAG not a HANDBAG!

  10. Re: Two Wheel Torque Drag Bike Day!!

    Yes yes i will give her that!! I just crashed and burned harder then maverick in the bar scene. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW BOOM!!! She looks so kind and innocent with that avatar when really her name should read "The Flippernator"

    If it makes any difference i do my Riding course in 6 days and most likely, as long as nothing major goes wrong, be buying a bike within 2 weeks
  11. It's been on the Events Calendar for about a month too :)
  12. bwahahahaha they want me to go where and pay how much, wake me up when they have an event within a reasonable distance say like Calder at the furtherest
  13. Hey Shabby, how ya goin? Thought ya musta died. :p :p

    Hey, the track at Heathcote is not that far, but wait till the summer again and they have teh top fuel bikes there again. Good show.

    Calder will not have the drags again mate so forget that joint unless you want to see street bikes on a Friday night or something. Probably better show in the streets.

    Only other place to go is the Nationals at westsydney next yr. Have to get our northeren cousins to investigate where we can stay for a few days. The Nationals have all the bike brackets as well as the cars. Awesome program.


  14. Deb, may I have a flyer too please?

    hehehehe :shock:
  15. Hmmmm I need to try out my new lens.

    Will attempt to get a day pass for this event :)
  16. i want to see a duel between an GSX250F VS VTR250 ........my moneys on the handbag
  17. Did anyone end up going to this? We were awake early enough to get there in time but after looking out the window, bed looked much more inviting than travelling a few hours in a cage for a drag meet that might have been cancelled due to bad weather :roll: :)
  18. My son (DACS) got as far as Woori Yallock and then the rain beat him ....
  19. You take that back gimpy finger!!!

    The VTR would win hands down!

    Greg - you and me - shopping centre somewhere - let's drag! :twisted: