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[MELB] Twisties Ride Sat Nov 5. Opportunity to learn more

Discussion in 'VIC' started by doonx, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Roads through the Otways

  2. The awesome stretch of road from Launching Place to Noojie (up Warbuton way)

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  3. Mt Donna Buang

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  4. Roads around Sth Gippsland

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  1. Hi all

    For all you beginner to intermediate level riders, and in light of this ----> thread, I'd like to get a twisties ride organised. I would be REALLY grateful if some of you more experienced riders would come along for this one and hopefully give some good advice to those of us that want to learn to enjoy our riding more.

    Please feel free if like me, you feel like you could really do with some practice or good advice at riding some bends and corners.

    I'm also not that experienced with what routes around Melbourne would be best suited to this type of ride, so I'm also after suggestions for routes, stop points, lunch etc. With any luck, some of you boys and girls who have done this can come up with something that will be a great step forward in riding twisties, have a nice place to stop and perhaps not be overly crowded with weekend racers.

    Perhaps we can meet somewhere beforehand and discuss what's going to happen, some tips on technique, what to expect etc. I think it's also important to impress that this is not a "teaching" or "instruction" ride. It is simply getting together like any other ride but the idea would be to create an opportunity for some lesser experienced riders to get together and have a go at some skills and techniques with others at their level. If there are other riders there that would like to share some opinions or suggestions then I'm sure that would be welcomed by those trying to gain a little more experience.

    I was thinking that #4 is the closest, but perhaps a little of #3 (yack/speech). I put the "Not an instruction ride" part in as someone expressed concern that if something went wrong there might be an insurance liability issue created. That's all.

    Route - See poll winner on top

    With a 66% approval rating - NovaCoder : The awesome stretch of road from Launching Place to Noojie (up Warbuton way).
    Lets hear a smattering for Chris <golf clap>

    Meeting Point - (see Route below for a 2nd meeting point)
    McDonalds off Marroonda Hwy
    356-406 Main St

    10:15am for a general chat about the ride.
    10:45am departure.

    Lead / Corner / Tail Riders
    Anyone can be lead rider from Lilydale to Worri Yallock, it's stright up the Hwy
    NovaCoder is lead rider from Worri Yallock to Noojie
    Flipper is corner marker
    warden is the tail rider

    * Lilydale and along Warbuton Hwy to Worri Yallock (stop - 2nd meeting point and to make sure everyone knows where we're heading - small shopping centre to the left at the traffic lights. I suggest that we take this left and all meet around the back of the shopping centre carpark, near the public toilet block)
    * Worri Yallock along Warbuton Hwy to Yarra Junction
    * Yarra Junction to Noojie via the Yarra Junction/Noojee Road (the good bit)

    This should in total take somewhere around 90 minutes at a conservative pace. So we are looking at arriving in Noojie at somwhere around 12:15 or so, just in time for :

    Parrot Cafe

    Have lunch and then we're ready we can reverse the entire process as a return route, perhaps finish at Lilydale again for a coffee and to see how everyone enjoyed themselves.

    What do you think ?

    I should stress that whilst I have put this together, people shouldn't necessarily look to me to be the leader or most knowledgable amongst us. I'm happy to do all this, but don't want to let anyone down if I can't satisfy an out of reach expectation, afterall, the whole idea is about enjoying the day. I am but a river to my people ;) ..........

    Please post if you'd like to join us

    25 people said "YES, I'd love to be there !!!" to the original ride arrangements.
    Please post in the thread to reconfirm yourself for Nov 5

    Doonks - reconfirmed
    NovaCoder - reconfirmed
    Lids - reconfirmed
    twoup - reconfirmed
    tiny - reconfirmed
    Kraven - reconfirmed
    Flipper - reconfirmed
    Bogus69 - reconfirmed
    XenaWP - reconfirmed
    Firestorm - reconfirmed (80% sure)
    Minthe - reconfirmed
    rodcar - newly confirmed
    mag - newly confirmed
    archie - newly confirmed
    urban - newly confirmed
    Grrrrl - newly confirmed
    Krooza - newly confirmed
    Clifford Jones - newly confirmed
    ZeldaGirl - newly confirmed
    warden - newly confirmed
    Dave - newly confirmed
    d3s1b0y - newly confirmed
    YAMRAJ - newly confirmed
    javaman - newly confirmed
    Tam - newly confirmed

    4 people are "Maybe, but I'll do my best to be there"

    14 had to withdraw:
    randy_rider (had a BIG OFF, so I guess not this time .....)
    Brionnach (had an off and has a busted wrist :( )
    scootergal76 (going overseas)
    seany (bike still not fixed)
    Two Pot Screamer

    Doonks :)

  2. Any instructors out there willing to help out?

    I'd be happy to come along as somebody who is confident and doesn't do anything stupid, as much for a leisurely ride as anything else.

    I'd be wary of using the ride as a training exercise though. Reading through some of the other discussions it is clear that many of us have wildly different opinions on how to ride properly.

    As a nice confidence building ride though it could be fun.

    As for routes, how about some of those roads through the Otways? They're usually less crowded than the usual NE routes.
  3. For a route suggestion may I suggest the awesome stretch of road from Launching Place to Noojie (up Warbuton way).

    I would of course come along to teach those less experienced riders but I haven't got a clue either!

  4. Count me in. :)

    :D :D
  5. Gday,

    The more practice the better for me.. Its the only way im gonna get smooth thru those twisties..

  6. it's still a while of but should be there..... as other have said you only get better by practice and it's a good way to spend a day
  7. i would love to come along for the ride, how ever if its on the sunday i can't make it due to sleeping comitments(work every sat. night from 10pm-10am then sleep till about 5pm) :D
  8. I am a maybe. Although for insurance purposes I would not be there in an "official" capacity. People can provide guidance, but without reviewing performance and being able to give feedback it would be very hard for people to "instruct". I would think that whilst there are many posts on the riding style, perhaps the basics would be more so the focus - such as entry speeds, line, vision, position, etc. Even just to follow another rider (and at speeds appropriate) a lot couls be learned. I am not an expert so could only input my opinion. I am sure others may have different opinions. I would hate to see an oportunity become a debating session.

  9. If I've got my bike fixed, I'll be in this one!
  10. I'd love to go on this ride (My 1st Ride \:D/ ) so i'll say yes at the moment but i have exams around that time and if i have one on the monday i might have to pull out.

    But at the moment I'm In. :D :D
  11. me! me! me! if I can get a leave app signed.
  12. Love to go, count me in, my social secretary has given me the green light :D
  13. I'll be along for this one :D
  14. You can count me in also

    Any ride is a good ride :wink:
  15. Never knock back a twisty, I will be there for the learning. Tones you can follow me because I reckon your opinions are from an expert.
  16. Yep, I'll be there..
  17. I would certainly like to come. Planning a fair way in advance, but I should be free!

    Please add comments regarding the route suggestions in the first post.

  19. Re: [MELB] Twisties Ride Sat Oct 22. Opportunity to learn mo

    Another suggestion for a nice ride that isnt to far

    Meet at the servo on the Cnr of Fitzsimmons rd & Main rd Lower Plenty at the big roundabout

    Head out through Eltham, Kangaroo Ground, Christmas Hills, Yea then onto Healesville for lunch at the pub

    Thats probably more sweeper with the odd twistie
  20. open sweepers would be better than tight narrow twisties. Not that there is anything wrong with tight twisties, just that there is often not a great deal of room so the difference between right and wrong is very small. I would also suggest if there are any steep climbs and decents (and by staying on the road) as that can be a challenge for some. Arthur seat for example - some people love going up, but hate going down. That is just an example anyhow.

    Steve thanks for your comments, but im just your average rider :)