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[MELB] Tunnel lane changing, to be banned.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,21581671-2862,00.html

    The lane changing ban and the radio news suggesting it will attract 3 demerit points is the height of policestate lunacy. *shakes head*

  2. I just heard that myself :shock:. More revenue-raising dressed up in pseudo-concern after the accident.

    Jeez if my observation riding in yesterday is any indication, the govt will be out of debt in 6 months if lanechanging is banned and fined, even just in the tunnel :LOL:.
  3. Do Something. I don't know what you should do, just do something...

    The Coroners office is meant to be the sanity check for these sort of things, if they are throwing there lot in with the wosers we are really screwed.
  4. Why is it after EVERY major accident, it is immediately assumed that rules or regulations are not in place to prevent it???

    Wasn't the pre-crash truck driver in question talking illegally on his mobile?

    Does the government not realise that, yes, sometimes - people just screw up on the roads?

    I think as Australians we are in a unique position on this: we want to externalise blame and fault ala western US culture and individualism - but we are also aware of that culture and view it with negativism: so we pick on policy instead to lay blame against, rather than fault an accountable individual.

    If every person who was involved in making these changes just went and volunteered to help kids learn to drive properly: we'd have a crapload less accidents, in tunnels or otherwise.
  5. News is reporting that the changes will happen.

    What an absolute crock!!

    And the westgate freeway will be 80km/h city bound after the bridge... I can't believe it.

    Ktulu, my thoughts exactly.

    What a crock of shit.
  6. ....and how will this affect splitting in the tunnel (isn't it technically changing lanes????).
  7. This is fcuked. The accident in the Tunnel was not caused by a change of lane but by someone who tried to avoid a stationary vehicle.

    This government is totally and utterly pathetic.
  8. isnt lane changing banned in some sydney tunnels already? im sure ive seen signs saying you cant change lanes in a few tunnels around sydney
  9. It might be, but unless there is a latent problem that has not be disclosed, this reaction (over) will not stop similar accidents in the future. The trucky avoided a stationary truck and collided with a number of other vehicles. So whilst technically the overtaking caused the accident, if he hadn't had tried to avoid the stationary vehicle he himself would still have collided with the truck.

    The Victoria Government is a bunch of do nothing's, who respond to situations with knee jerks. Pathetic.
  10. Cool. Another thing the state governemt has banned. It makes it all the more easier to keep my new years resolution, that I will break at least one rule or law every day and replace it with common sense, alive.
  11. Yeah, M2 tunnel says that.

  12. Just heard this on ABC news, $182 and 3 demerit points.

    Aparently your alowed to change lanes for 'safety' reason, who the fark makes that desicion, certainly not some tool sitting watching a video camera with no situational awaerness.

    typical knee jerk reaction, or is that a reaction made by jerks, money grabing political clap trap.
  13. HAHAHAHA... the Firey Incident in teh tunnel was caused by someone making a change "For Safty Reasons"! [​IMG]
    Morons... The lot of em!
  14. So the game will now be to guess which of the 3 lanes will give you the clearest run, because once you're in the tunnel you're stuck with it.

    And if you find yourself stuck behind a smog-belching semi at 50 km/h you can't move into the empty lane next to you and go round it.

    The people who make these 'decisions' are truly a waste of space. Just pathetic. :evil:
  15. No mention of trucks being required to "stay left", either, that I've heard. It was s'posed to be one of the rules under consideration, not only for these tunnels but for all multi-lane freeways.

    The road after the Westgate that's being dropped to 80 kays, does it have fixed cameras (no, not cameras that have been repaired)? If not, what's the bet that this will be the next place for them to be installed?

    As someone else said, lots of kneejerk stuff, backed up with the ubiquitious, and obvious, fines.

    How will the lane change law be enforced, and how will you be able to prove that you merged right "for safety reasons" and how will the police prove that you didn't merge right for "safety reasons"?

    Still the guys talking about this on the radio had a point about drivers forward planning their journeys so that they make sure that they're in the correct lane for turning off or whatever, well in advance. That sort of thing is a basic driving principle and should be done as a matter of course.

    If they have to go with yet another expensive advertising campaign, then they should look at licence testing at renewal times. And reduce that renewal period to 5 years, same cost $110 for each renewal to help pay for the retesting scheme.
  16. That's it! They HAD to change lanes... They should be charging those inconsiderate people who break down! Not the people who have to go around them.....

  17. As I get older I get less tolerant of being instructed to follow the judgement of idiots rather than using my own.

    This is but another example.
  18. The vic road minister is on 774 right now talking about the changes... they'll investigate available technologies to enforce the lane change ban... :roll:

    For the time being, once implemented, the ban will be enforced by Police on the ground.
  19. Has anyone, any of the media actually asked HOW this will avoid any future accidents?

    This gumnut are totally fcuked. They are pathetic. Totally pathetic. And we have 3.5yrs more of this total crap.
  20. From the ABC news website:

    Which is exactly how the tragic accident happened, surely? A truck broke down, vehicles behind it changed lanes and chaos ensued.

    I could see a tiny bit of sense if they'd done it the other way round, ie if you're stopped by a broken-down vehicle you must not change lanes until the Citylink van or police get to the scene and you're given the all clear to go round the blockage. I wouldn't like it, but it might conceivably prevent an accident.

    But WTF will a general lane-change ban achieve, other than raise my blood pressure?

    We are governed by morons.