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[Melb] Tues May 30 - XMen 3 movie nite

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Black Betty, May 29, 2006.

  1. tomorrow nite - Tuseday May 30th - X-Men 3

    Cheap tix nite - $8.50

    7.15pm session
    Eat after @ the Italian joint next door :)

    Readings Cinema,
    Maroondah Hwy, Chirnside Park VIC 3116
    Phone : (03) 9727 7900

    Located on the Maroondah Highway on the Kimberley Drive intersection.

    X-Men 3 movie info
  2. :rofl: I was just about to click submit to post the same thing (Xmen movie night) at northland but thought i'd double check first.

    Guess i'll be coming to this one then.
    Are you meeting beforehand or just get there in time for the movie??
  3. Meet just before movie 7ish - eating after at the pizza/pasta rest. :grin:
  4. The Scumbags will be there. Just before 7.
  5. Would like to join you all - but we went and saw it Saturday night. Fantastic flick, I hope you all enjoy it.
  6. I'll be there :) should be good.
  7. Fantastic? Worst piece of crap I've seen all year, and I'm a big fan of the first two x-men movies.
  8. Well then, why did you bother to click and tell us? You want others to know of your all-being intelegence that should form ALL opinions?

    We will judge for ourselves :) thanks anyway... :roll:
  9. I'll be there even if the XMen "fans" hated it... :p

    See you around 7ish :cool:
  10. I'll most likely be there, unless I get lost on route. :facepalm:
    It'll be a good long ride from my place.
  11. i saw it last week... enjoyed it :) hope you guys do too.
  12. I don't know where bentleigh is :oops: but if you go anywhere near doncaster i can meet up with you and ride in together.
    Pm me if you want to.
  13. Kraven just go down the Eastern, turn right onto Springvale Rd, left onto maroondah Hwy. Follow that all the way until you get to Chirnside Park... on your left hand side you'll see a big sign for Reading Cinemas!! :)

    Simple enough? :wink:
  14. :LOL: I know where the place is (I used to live in bayswater and went to school in croydon) Motormouse said she didn't know where it was so i offered to show the way (Not anymore tho sorry i looked up bentleigh on whereis.com and it's waaaaaayyyyyyy over the other side of the city :LOL: )
  15. As long as work doesn't get in the way I'll b there as well.
  16. Motor mouse, I will be leaving from work to go straight to the movie. I work in Oakleigh, if you do not mind following me then I can take you up there.
    I finish at 5.30 pm ish.
    PM for more details.
  17. Damn, I want to see this movie but my daughter has basketball on a Tuesday night. Let us know what you all thuoght of it tho and we will have to go see it another time :)
  18. Hey motormouse, how quick can you ride? :LOL:

    1/8 throttle for you B ;)
  19. now now Booga, I promise to be gentle.
    especially in the traffic.
  20. Wow, sorry for posting my opinion. When did I ever say it was the only one you should listen to?

    Someone posted their opinion it was fantastic, I posted mine saying it was crap.

    I could go into the reasons why I think it sucked, but since all that is spoilertastic, I didn't.

    Why didn't I do that....because I think before I post, unlike some :p