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[Melb] Tropfest, Sun 26th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by carri27, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. for those who haven't been before, tropfest is 'the biggest short film festival in the world'. hundreds of entries of which the 16 finalists are shown simultaneously around the country and winner announced at the end of the night. each film no longer than 7 minutes, all based on a theme for the year. this year's theme - bubbles.


    next sunday night, myer music bowl, movies start 7.45pm but i suggest getting there around 4.30 or 5.00 to reserve a coupla picnic blanket's worth of space. i'm happy to get there early and hold a spot.

    anyone interested please post suggestions on when, where, how to meet. i've only ever accomplished this before by way of elaborate mobile phone usage on the day once we're there.

  2. Sounds different, count me in if the weather is fine.
  3. Hmmm... I'll watch this space depending on what's going on.
  4. i would be up for it, a guy from my school entered this year i believe (no i dont know anything more :LOL:) but i cant hold an affirmative as milos says him going depends on how he feels on the day... can i grab your mob number and ill let you know to reserve space or not?
  5. I could possibly be there depending on numbers and the weather.
    I'll confirm later in the week
  6. I can't make it to this anymore due to other commitments, have fun tho ;)
  7. picked up the '16 Finalists Short Films' DVD this morning.
    if anyone else wants one,
    you can get it free with last satuday's THE AGE ($2).

    just wanted to grab the paper+DVD
    and could not be bothered taking my helmet off.
    one of those challenging/confronting social situations, :p
    as i could see the newsagency staff wanted to, :shock: :eek:
    yet they refrained from saying anything about the helmet. :wink:
  8. Was keen to get the DVD in the age but no-one has the Age over here in Adelaide. :cry:
  9. how do those adelaidians survive?

    i also have a copy and happy to loan it /give it to you once i'm through with it. watched about half so far - good value, some very creative ideas :) let me know if you're heading down to fri night coffee and i'll bring it along or PM me your address and i'll pop it in the post.
  10. We may have some left over at work still.

    I'll have a look.

    Shoulda asked, any DVD that comes with a paper I can get a hold of :)
  11. Vic if you can find a copy id be interested for sure
  12. Thanks guys....won't be back in Melbourne this week but will come down Friday fortnight and grab a copy if its still on offer.

    I saw the Herald Sun over here when last here about 2 weeks ago and figured the Age couldn't be that scarce......I was wrong. Also had to explain what the Tropfest was to the people I'm staying with....heathens.
  13. so do we get copies ;)
  14. i think she ment all of netrider gets a copy
  15. I have 4-5 dvds that I managed to find at work.

    They can be collected from the hospital tonight and tomorrow night.

    Msg me for the address.
  16. Do you deliver to Adelaide?
  17. Yep, $325 for the DVD, I'll pay for the flight :)