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[Melb] Triumph Daytona Meet, Sat 20th May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Madguitarist!, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. When: Sat 20th May 9.30am
    Where: Turn One Motorcycles
    34 Stubbs St, Kensington 3031

    Just wondering if daytona riders/owners wanna catch up and help each other out? Having a not-too-common bike, parts become harder to find and not everyone knows much about it except usually owners so if we could pool together maybe we could help each other out with problems and the like... :)

    Not trying to create a sub-group or anything, just would like a 'support' grpo of sorts if that's ok......

    Any takers? Place doesn't have to be Templestowe but was thinking maybe we could meet somewhere we can go for a nice ride to a nice cafe and yak abt our bikes? Thing is I'm still an Aussie noob and not too sure of the area.... suggestions are welcomed!

    {Mod Edit: Added the date to the subject of the thread}
  2. I might be in it.. if I can get my Trumpy on the road by than...
  3. hope some get organised when the d675 finally gets delivered!
  4. You just missed a get together on the weekend. :p
  5. yeah....a d6 meet sounds good...
    but how many of us r there????

    can we do it somewherre closer to the city?
  6. hmmm.. I notice Maurice isn't *pretending* to run the pack out of PS city any more. Maybe I'll see if the new guy's got something together.
    Wazza, you'll be pleased to note that Superbike School are now running three fully prep'd 675s as part of their courses (only to be ridden by their instructors, tho'!).
    Go very well, they do. :)
  7. not sure how many.... but we can meet inthe city if you like...... just thot a
    netrider d6 meet could be fun.... not trying to take away anything from the rat rides. :)
  8. Sorry guys - this belongs in Events Forum
  9. well that's between you and MG - why don't you drop him a nice little PM as he may not be aware of the rules. This would go a long way to enhancing Netrider PR and perhaps facilitate a good event ?????

  10. This WAS originally posted in the events forum but was moved here..... not sure why tho...... so whoever moved it here, maybe you wanna move it back? or not.... I'm not too fussed really.... :)
  11. there is a good posibility I will not make it... and If I do it will be on a D955i :(
  12. so is it confirmed?

    where r we meeting exactly? i reckon somewhere along northland/ ivanhoe would b ok...since thats closer to me.
    n its close to the blvd if u want to go for a lil run...lol

    lordtb....well...its still a daytona so come along...

    Madguitarist! - just post a specific location n we'll come. preferbly somewhere to have breakfast or coffee!

  13. Argh! Life got the better of me this week! Didn't update this post... :oops:
    Sorry guys.... really want this to happen!

    OK, let's set something up:
    20th May (SAT)
    Turn One Motorcycles - 34 Stubbs St Kensington 3031

    Everyone met Charlie yet? We can head for coffee/breakfast from there.
    Weather forecast doesn't look good but let's pencil this down and sort something out if does go south!

    sorry for the delay guys..... too much to do.... too little time to ride.... :cool:
  14. LOL I could not make it today... got some thing in my eye and I got stuck in hospital till 4 am... just woke up now.

    I'll see if I can come up on the the 20th
  15. Guys, here's my mob no. 0400 885 876

    Give me a txt or pm me your no. so I can txt you if three's any last min changes this Sat. Really depends on the weather..... :shock:
  16. ill be there....weather is goin to be crap though...

  17. Getting mixed reports on tomorrow's weather.. but might just turn out to be nice enough...

    So for now it's all go. I only got garfield's contacts so I'm guessing the rest of you guys haven't decided yet. No worries I'm post early 2moro if it's cancelled due to weather changes.
  18. sounds good... post the time that we are to meat there...
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