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[Melb] Trafic today was awesome !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bosi72, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. I don't know which industry had a roster day today, but Monash Fwy and all other streets were smooth like never before !

    Melbourne without all those trucks (or that particular industry) would be the Most Liveable City in the World !
  2. I noticed that as well, had a dream run up the Monash this arvo. Maybe a lot of people had extended long w/e or something.
  3. Amazing when no trucks are on it.
    Saved 10 minutes today
  4. The trip to work was as quiet as the trip home tonight.
    unusual ... :?
    Oh I get it .. the long weekend!
    Some must have made a 4-day wekend of it
  5. yeah, I noticed it was quiet too, saved 20 mins on the trip in. I thought school holidays had started or something, it was that good on the roads
  6. It was construction/building industry RDO I believe.

  7. correct adam
  8. same deal in sydney??

    my trip is usually 50 minutes from suburbs to the city and today it was 30 mins...

    just awesome..
  9. same here.incidently half the billygoats didnt rock up to work today and left me in the sh!t.
  10. Yup RDO... i work on a construction site and OMG the friggen trucks!!! So fortunate to have a bike because the cars sit at the intersections for about 10 minutes trying to get through. Was a good day but I didn't save that much more time than usual.