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[Melb] Track day, Mon 13th March

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by R1_lover, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Im booked in and doing a track day on Monday and cant wait..woohoo!

    Im doing the slow group of course and so excited, but scared at the same time :?

    Just wondering if anyone else is heading down to Phillip Island at all
  2. I envy you R1 lover I would love to do sojme more ride days but I am currently unable, have fun though.
  3. i was gonna book in to do this day, but i spent all my money on a new triathlon bike on saturday. doh!
  4. Great news Julie!!

    Are you going to use your van?

    You are going to have an absolute ball!!!
  5. take someone with u and tell them to take pics,fingers x for g weather.
  6. You will be fine Jules. have a blast. wish I was there!
  7. and why aren't you?
  8. dam julie
    you go girl lol :grin:
    how much ??
    if i got enough cash ill come
    as i dont think im working lol..... also if i wasnt riding on track that day does it cost anything to get onto track and take photos??
  9. Have a great time , if I had a motor in the track bike I would come with you , enjoy .
  10. Cliff, I will be in Batemans Bay!! Yeah :)
  11. Good on you Jules. I have pre ordered some nice weather for you. :wink:

    Give you self a few laps to learn where the track goes (Braking points, apexes and little marks in the track), warm your tires and have a red hot go!

    You will love it.
  12. Julz, you lucky thing!! You go girl!! :woot:

    Paul and I will be there to watch. woo hoo!!

    :grin: :grin:
  13. You will have a hoot.

    Did you sign up for the 1st timers program? It's really good, basically, in the first session you have an instructor assigned to the group and they lead you round, highlighting turn points and acting like a mother hen...From memory, they then go out with your group for the remainder of the day and make sure that you can get some advice and help if needed.

    And it's free!
  14. hey lids
    so can you walk into the race tracks and take photos??
    with out paying?
    as i dont mind going for a ride there and taking some fotos for julie
  15. SBK school ride days are fairly open (I think). You see lots of people there spectating and as they don't have a spectators section on the entry form I don't think they charge.

    Give them a call 1300 793 423
  16. Wow Jules - a ride day! Good on you!! You'll have a ball. :)
  17. Yes - spectator attendance at the track, including the pit area, during ride days is totally free.

    Only restrictions are no video cameras (still cameras are allowed) in pit lane (don't know why, so don't ask), and no children under 16 in the track pit lane area (ok to be in the pit garages, just not on pit lane itself).
  18. BTW, congrats Julz. You'll have a great time!
  19. Looks like you'll be able to teach me a trick or two now. :grin: Have fun!!
  20. Hey I'll be there with a few mates... Look for a black/silver GSX-R track bike if you wanna come over and say hi...