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[Melb] Track day Broadford, Sunday 24 July

Discussion in 'VIC' started by jdaley, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. There is a track day planned at Broadford. Costs $90 you will need a full MA licence or a Recreational licence available on the day $15.
    Full leathers. Starts 10 am
    BBQ lunch provided. Full details www.hmrav.org.
    Any age bike is welcome. call 5967 2480 for more details or to book.
    We now have a pre booking form to help with management, if we can put it on this site I will.

  2. Poo, up at Uluru that weekend.
  3. Historical bikes only? Or everything that'll pass the scrutineers?

    Will restricted riders be allowed to but a recreational license?

    Now I just need to see if I can get some leathers together before then...
  4. broadford track day 24 july

    anybike welcome
    any rider welcome and if they do not have an MA racing licence they must get a recreational licence
    bike will be checked out.
  5. thanks for the heads up
  6. 1) Can you rent leathers?

    2) Can you just turn up and watch?
  7. I dont think you can rent leathers, its a bit like borrowing jocks.
    Seriously I have never seen them rented.
    Anybody can come and watch free of charge.
  8. We had great numbers at this day. I understand the inclusion of the simple lunch went down well. Is anybody ready to give us a report from their point of view?
    Do you want to hear about the next track days?
  9. I went and had a great day , shame it rained in the morning but after lunch was great . I realy enjoyed the day and thought that it was great to have a low key ride day , I would love to hear about more.

    PS The lunch was great .
  10. :D i copy that
  11. Can someone give directions to the track from the Dandy area?
  12. im planned to be there friday night + ride day saturday ,,, also staying sat night .....
    should be fun & a chance to trial the new TRX : )
  13. Well we know it's a nice ride out there, maybe we can get a group ride to the track? Anyone from Geelong or Ballarat area want to meet at Bacchus Marsh for the ride out there?
  14. This thread was started a year ago - if its all on, PM matt232 and get him to update the subject to reflect the right date/year
  15. att " Kiss "
    im heading up with mates ....
    They tell me straight up the Hume hwy towards Seymore ,,,,
    will work it out on the way i suppose : )
  16. This thread is over a year old so me thinks it wont be on the date shown unless you can time travel back to last year.

    As for where the Broadford motorcycle complex is;

    Head out of town on either the Westgate - Western Ring Rd or Tullamarine Freeway - Northern Ring Road and then turn onto the new Campbellfield & Craigieburn By Pass and head towards Sydney (Hume Freeway).

    Take the Broadford exit and turn right and cross over the freeway, the complex is on your right about 1km from the freeway. As you enter the gate turn right and follow the track around the perimeter of the property and you eventually end up in the pit area for the road circuit.

    You have another option and that is to go via Flowerdale which is a more twisty route than the boring freeway (the complex is on the Broadford-Flowerdale Road).
  17. Incase anybody is wondering it is on this saturday the 24th june for the practice day and racing on sunday :wink:
  18. Ok lm lost here..is this track day for this weekend or in July :?:
  19. According to the phone message it is this weekend saturday the 24 june and sunday is the race day :wink:
  20. Thanks Taz :)