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[Melb] Toy Run, and the Netrider feeder runs.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by cats, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. howdy
    anyone know /have details on this years toy run ... ??? when ??? date?? meeting place ?? etc

  2. opps .......... i shoulda said the melbourne one
  3. thanks ............... anyone know of rally points in the eastern subs though
  4. TBA but should be the same as last year.
  5. Don't want to speak out of turn, but I'm sure Vic/Mouth will be posting up the Netrider-specific details of this event very shortly. Most likely it will be similar (or same) as last year, but obviously I can't say that for certain.
  6. Yep thats what I was saying. I'm not sure if Cats or Flymo Rider realise that Netrider run their own feed ins to the main event though. :?:
  7. The run will be leaving slightly later this year at 12.00 mid-day but get there early because there's going to be displays and music in the Flagstaff Gardens beforehand - and a breakfast sponsored by bikesales.com.au - gold coin donation for breakfast and the proceeds go to the Salvos.

    There's a space available for the Netrider feeder on the toyrun website (under Clubs) as soon as someone cares to pass on the information (maps, pictures etc are welcome)
  8. Whats the reason for the run leaving later ?
  9. tony e is an old man and he cant get out of bed that early , not until the girls at the nursing home get him up showered and changed anyway . :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. For those who don't know - LAST YEAR Netrider ran 3 feeds from the West, East and North. Foxy ran the North, I set up the West (a flat tyre the night before kept me out of the event proper), and a chap called Steve set up the Eastern run (forgotten his nick, sorry!). We timed them to meet up in Pit Lane, Albert Park a few minutes apart. From there, Netrider ran as a group to Latrobe Street to hook up for the main run into Williamstown.

    I'm guessing something similar for this year will occur, but its not my place to make such a statement.
  11. Ostensibly it's a matter of logistics and timing both for the City and Williamstown.

    The real reasons are a whole different story...

    Glen is a major reason. Those hangovers of his are so debilitating he needs time to be able to move - that takes about two hours.

    To get to the stage where he looks vaguely human (very vaguely :LOL: ) takes even longer, particularly after a full moon. Fortunately the full moon doesn't occur till the 15th so by mid-day he will be as good as he can get. Since it was a full moon last night, he's probably still a bit hairy this morning :p

    It's important that he be there as we really need someone up front to frighten any small children and animals who might get in the way.

    The other reasons are the overall diversity that makes up the toyrun...

    It allows time for some of the Harley riders to get their bikes started and for the British motorcycle owners to top their oil up :LOL:

    Then all those scooters and postie bikes are so slow that they take hours to get there. The Italian bike owners need to get their make-up on and primp themselves up a bit and it does take some time before they finish admiring themselves in their mirrors. Ironing their leathers takes a while as well :LOL:

    The BMW owners need to finish their coffee and croissants at the patisserie over in Albert Park and won't be hurried for anybody. :evil:

    The sportsbike riders need time to get over the dummy spit when they realise that the toys that their mothers bought for them to donate actually have to be handed over and they can't keep those fluffy toys for themselves. :roll:

  12. Just a quick note for any Gippslanders here. The Gippy toy run is on Dec 3, leaving T'gon shire offices at 11am for Moe Racecourse via Morwell and Newborough. Last year we had about 800 bikes. Huge turnout.
  13. jeez you're a cynical beggar, Tony!!!
  14. Who me?

    Anyway the BMW club bit is (almost) true :LOL:

    And I forgot to slag off three-wheelers as well... I'm getting forgetful in my old age (shut up Glen :evil: )

    By the way - I assume you were watching SBS last night?

  15. What was on SBS, last night, enlighten me pray do.....?
  16. And you a serious Joan Baez fan!! It was the second part of Scorceses film about Dylan and had some good interviews with Joan Baez (and Dylan who is surprisingly articulate and forthcoming in his old age) as well as some performances.
  17. TonyE wrote
    More than that mate . It took him 4 days to recover from our wedding reception :LOL:
  18. by which time you were... er. .... um.....