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Melb to Wollongong - Accomodation and quickest route

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Dave, Jayden and myself are heading to Wollongong for the 1st weekend in December. We wont be able to leave till after work on the friday so will prob have to stay overnight somewhere about half way.
    What we need are some tips on the quickest route and some cheap places to stay overnight. We don't need the pretty scenery/touristy places for accomodation cause we will basically be sleeping, showering and be getting back on the road.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

  2. At a guess, the quickest route would have to be straight up the Hume Fwy and take the Gong exit. It's very boring though. :)
  3. You've obviously never done a road trip with Flip.. :p :wink:
  4. Id just go straight up the hume if you can deal with the boredom...

    Also id prolly get have an early night then leave first thing the next mornin... Its not a super long drive and its prolly safer doing it in one hit than leaving after a days work anyways... An it saves you on accomodation.

    No idea on places to stay exactly but if i had to id prolly just stay at Albury, should have a few places to choose from and leaves ya with 4ish hours to go...
  5. I was thinking Albury may have been the best option. And yeah, I try to make road trips a bit less than boring with a bit of Schnappi Schnappi don't I Macca ;) :LOL:
  6. yep another one for albury. plenty of places to stay and the next bit of the trip in the morning will be fairly quick and boring.
  7. If you are travelling on the bike, DON'T repeat, don't try and do the Hume in one hit by sleeping over and leaving early; you'll be cramped and sore for a week afterwards. Leave Melbourne and head for Albury, stay over there.

    When I was down for the Netrider Dinner, I left Southbank at around 8:30, stopped for fuel at Broadmeadows, and just past Benalla, and rolled into Albury at about 12:30am.

    Left Albury at around 8:30 am, fuel stop at Yass and a meal, and I was home in Wollongong at around 2:30.

    Be careful of police around Holbrook, and between Yass and the turn-off to the Illawarra Highway.

    I presume you have somewhere to stay in Wollongong?
  8. Thanx for that Hornet. I think we are staying at Big Al's place in Wollongong (or just out of Wollongong), it's his 40th birthday. We are driving up in the Vitara so we can switch drivers between Dave and myself. And yes, we DO plan to catch up with you while we are in town, even if it's only for a quick cuppa :D
  9. I kinda assumed you meant you were driving, not sure why though considering this is a bike forum! Prolly a good point if you were...

    I do it abit with no dramas but i spose i am a little younger than some of you guys :p
  10. THAT was an arbirtray cheap shot, mik, and if I was in your position, I'd have made it too :p

    Flipper I'll PM my mobile #, give me a call for that coffee.
  11. A cabin in a caravan park around Wodonga/Albury would be your cheapest bet I'd think
  12. Manly to home down the Hume 10 hours last Friday. Peace of cake if you can keep your mind occupied.

    Perhaps it has something to do with the bike you ride Paul. :p :p
  13. its 8 hours towing a trailer .............. up the hume .... but if u insist on having a stop over try holbrook ...... plenty of accomatation ... and nice town ... oh and u get to see the submarine
  14. Bet we can knock an hour or so off when flip is sleeping. :p
  15. Ahhhhh, now I know why you asked me last night if I can sleep in the car :shock: :twisted:
  16. wel even if you dont stay over at holbrook .. stop and look at the submarine and theres a new take away on the right hand side comming into town .. its a kabab / chinese place ... ran by a bike nut ... and beleive it or not an aussie .... so a good spot to get a feed .... its about 45 mins nth of albury
  17. I've done the Melb - Syd Hume run in 9 hours towing a trailer and was running at or just above the limit (thanks to cruise control) but it's soooooo boring especially if, like me, you do the bulk of it in the dark.

    Not knowing the time frame for the trip you could always consider a coast run up the highway, it might be longer but certainly not as boring as the Hume and more twisties to enjoy :wink:
  18. boo hiss, I'm not rich enough to own a BMW, Dave :D
  19. yeah its really REALLY boring. I reckon the stretch between someplace whos name i cant recall and wodonga was the worst. I was desperate to stop and get some relief!!!
    Tip to those whove never been that way before, in case there is anyone :p, DONT eat in wodonga for food. Albury has a better range... wish Id known cos I would have killed for some hungry jacks :(
  20. So you got off the freeway only to find all the main food groups just over the river on the main drag :facepalm:

    Easily enough done, I've lost count of the number of trips north over the years but I usually duck over to Bathurst (for some car race) and have only done the full Sydney trip 3 times (twice in the last 12 months).

    Have to agree with your choice, French is always better than Scottish (Hungry de la Jacques vs McDonalds) :wink: