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MELB to Lakes Entrance Trip along B500(Omeo)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by iGSXR, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Route Advise - MELB to Lakes Entrance Trip

    Evening, I am seeking advise on taking the scenic route travelling to Wang and down to Bright, over the mountain along the B500 and into Omeo.
    Thinking its a 2 day trip

    Could take the car which is what I normally do but thought this may be a good trip? Any ideas, cautions, thoughts welcome.....
  2. I'm considering something similar - up to Wang, thru to Bright, then the B500 all the way through Hotham, Omeo, to Bairnsdale, then back to Melb via Sale, and perhaps the A440.
  3. I'm looking in to this trip for the weekend of 19/20 as an overnighter staying at the base of Hotham. Doing a similar route to as we did earlier this year except staying in VIC.
    Going from Melbourne to Bairnsdale overnight in Bright then come back the next day via Mansfield/Yea/Whittlesea.

    While you're there could look at doing "The Awesome Loop"
  4. when you end up in omeo turn off and go up to the Blue Duck Inn on the Omeo Highway.

    great road.
  5. How long should one allow for travel on the alpine roads?
    ie. Bairnsdale to Omeo?
    Omeo to Bright?

    They're not massive in terms of KMs, but wondered what the effective speed is..

    I was wondering about riding up to Bright (via Wang) on the first day, staying overnight there, then doing the "awesome loop" a couple of times, then heading over to Bairnsdale to stay the night, before heading back to Melbourne.

    Perhaps.. as I have no idea what Bairnsdale is like!
  6. Why go via Wangaratta? Unless you've got a reason to go to Wang, go via Mansfield and Whitfield.
    Hardcore riders could probably get to Bairnsdale or LE in a day on the B500 and that's a great ride, but I'd be taking the C531 (Falls Creek) and C543 and stopping at Anglers Rest or Omeo.

    You've be pushing on a bit to beat an hour and a half from Omeo to Bright or Bairnsdale. It is policed, too.
  7. Hmm, no particular reason for going via Wang. Thanks for pointing out the better way.
  8. -Ok, sounds better should shave some time off the trip.

    Would anyone know the condition of the road? Anyone travelled along the B500 recently?
  9. if you want to fill up your day from bairnsdale to melb with some nice twisites then you could go from b'dale to dargo then back onto the highway.
  10. Dinner Plain for lunch was a 920km round trip, along the route you're discussing. If you want to break it into two days, maybe overnight at Bright and stop for lunch at Oxley or Millawa. The Whitfield road from Mansfield is a must, up there with the better m'bike roads :D

    Journey times are a variable feast, depends on the bike, the time of day, the rider, etc. The Harrietville - Hotham road is great fun, but oncoming traffic is a constant nightmare: my best times were always at night when I could see the lights of oncoming traffic. 18 minutes Harrietville Bridge to the Hotham Hull Bridge, I backed off halfway 'cos I was getting motion sickness ;)

    The road down from Dinner Plain to Omeo is another stunner, best done in that direction but watch for the disappearing corners: go in too fast and there's not much room for error. For scenery, I like the sweepers alongside the river as the Omeo - Bairnsdale trip just flows along.

    Enjoy :beer: