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Melb to Geelong Fwy - Speed cameras nab 8570

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CamKawa, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Speed cameras nab 8570
    Liam Houlihan

    NEW speed cameras on the Geelong road have caught more than 8000 motorists, costing them more than $1 million in fines.

    Police were alarmed by the large number of offenders snapped by the eight cameras.

    Assistant Commissioner Noel Ashby said large electronic signs and publicity surrounding the new cameras should have made drivers more cautious.

    At least 8570 motorists have been caught speeding since the cameras started operating on January 30, and in testing before then.

    Even if all fines were for the smallest amount of $131, it would mean the cameras have already netted more than $1.12 million.

    "These drivers are endangering the lives of everyone else on the road," Mr Ashby said.

    "When drivers are aware of speed cameras, they instinctively slow down, which is a reaction seldom otherwise achieved."

  2. So how many lives have been saved here?
    1. None
    2. Maybe a couple of hundred
    3. At least half, 400 odd
    4. All 8570, I feel more relaxed now knowing the world is a safer place

    I tried to get a poll going but it didn't seem to come up when previewed.
  3. Which leaves me wondering why every camera isn't clearly signposted, as they do (IIRC) in NSW. If the Assistant Commissioner reckons its the best way to slow people down, I'd have thought more signs would save even more lives.
  4. I'd be interested to see the accident statistics for that stretch of road.

    I mean, with 8570 people caught speeding since the cameras got turned on (8 days) there must have been at least this many people speeding (if not more) before they were turned on.

    I'd have thought the road would be blocked from all the wrecked cars and body parts covering the road from all these reckless villans. :?
  5. The "signs" were INTENTIONALLY put near overpasses that did NOT have cameras on them too...
  6. am interested to see how many accidents occur on this strech of road now that the camera's are in place..... will be interesting to see if they go up or down, i got my money on more rear-ending occurring, but guess only time will tell
  7. Did you know:

    There have been 20 deaths on that 76km stretch of road since 1994. That's 2 fatalaties per year. For arguments sake, let's say 50,000 vehicles travel the road daily.

    So: Your chances of dying on the Geelong road on any given day are 1 in 9,125,000 - but your chances of receiving a speeding ticket are 1 in 50.

    This whole rort makes me sick.
  8. Interesting, so if there's 2,000 cars a day speeding on that road then there's been more than 8 million cars break the speed limit - yet only 20 fatalities. So even if all those deaths were the direct result of speeding they still only make up 0.00025% of speeding motorists.
  9. When you put it that way, for me the 1 in 50 is too high to chance.

  10. It's worse odds than that if you speed ;)
  11. It's a bit of a crack up stating:

    "When drivers are aware of speed cameras, they instinctively slow down, which is a reaction seldom otherwise achieved."

    Everyone belts along at 120 kays, memorising where the cameras are. 50 metres before the overpass/sign gantry they quickly jam the brakes on bleeding off 20 kays and hour for all of 500 metres. Back up to 120 for the rest of the trip home. :LOL:

    I have already remebered where the cameras are for my whole trip home. I will one day get fined though for 5 kays over for simply forgeting to slow down for one of the hot spots.

    I also wonder how many of the reported 20 deaths are actually due to fatigue/tiredness induced by boredom travelling at only 100 kay and hour?
  12. I was down that way yesterday, I can see the cameras causing more deaths. When you get to a bridge everybody jams the anchors on and does weird maneuvors. The traffic no longer flows and people don't keep left anymore. It's only been a month since I was last on the road but yesterday was just crap.
  13. Apparently the greed scameras have OCR powers and therefore can do the point to point timed thing.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  14. There have been two fatals since the freeway was upgraded a few years ago and both involved cars travelling at speeds that Captain Kirk would've loved Scottie to get the Starship Enterprise up to ("I canny give you no more Capt'n").

    One that occured during the construction works happened at the West Gate/Princess/Ring Rd junction and was caused by the driver being blinded by the setting sun and missing a roadworks diversion and ending up head on into oncoming traffic and finding a 4x4 going the other way.

    The family of 4 was on it's way to a Christmas party around Werribee somewhere on a Saturday evening and it was sickening to watch the bodies of the father, mother and two children being removed from the vehicle some 6 hours after the collision and see all the presents in and around the remains of the car.

    Most of the fatalities have occured when cars or trucks have crossed the median and head butted oncoming vehicles for whatever reason. The Wire Rope Barriers put in prior to the upgrade have saved a lot of lives (even though they aren't bike friendly) and the extra lanes have made it even better.
  15. I believe these new camera are the type which measure your average speed over a given distance. So jamming on the brakes a few hundred metres before them has no effect, you'll still get pinged.
    The whole thing is a fcuking rort. If they really wanted to improve driver safety then they'd improve driver training, simple as that.
  16. Not yet, but they will be eventually.
  17. Exactly - and from that data, it is clear that approximately 4% of motorists on the Geelong Road break the speed limit enough to get a ticket - that's with distinctive fixed cameras that most people are aware of. The figure of 'speeders' could be as high as 10% on other roads. The government would have us believe that these people who exceed the limit are having accidents daily, when the statistics show that although their are being fined and deemed 'stupid', they are causing no more accidents than people travelling below the limit.

    Revenue raising pure and simple, backed by mindless emotive rhetoric in multi million dollar ad campaigns.
  18. Thank god BROTHER!!

    I read OutbreakMonkey's post and thought I DOOOMMMMMEEEEDDDD!!
  19. There are lies, damn lies and statistics...

    The statement made on air used the word "detected" speeding. Given that the detected speed gets reduced by 3km to be the actual speed and then if you are over the limit by 1 or more K's then a fine is issued.

    I would imaging that a significant number of people detected speeding were 1-3 k's over the limit and as such a fine won't be issued. I'd love to see a breakup of the 8000+ in terms of 1-3 kms over, 4-13 kms over, 14-23kms over and 24km+ to see just how serious the speeding issue is. The vast majority will be just over, a very small minority of idiots will be well over.

    I'd be happier if they found a way of detecting the twits racing each other in peak hour traffic 20-30kmh quicker than the general traffic flow and changing lanes every 5 seconds.