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[melb] Tiny's 21st, Sat 8th Oct

Discussion in 'VIC' started by tiny, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. hi all im turning 21 and would like to invite every one to a bbq at my joint next sat. (8th) it will start at 1pm and move on to a nightclub around chappel st. at about 9:30-10pm

    thats all for now, pm me for my address

    (another reason to get fairly lubricated again :p :p
  2. Wow, there is really something on every weekend...

    Oh well, no rest for the wicked :twisted:

    (As long as you dont have to work Sat night again Tiny ;) )
  3. sorry mate got a bucks weekend, but happy birthday..... sounds like you will have a blast
  4. Hey Jasper, I will be there, can you PM me the address? :D
  5. hmmm I may ber persuaded to such an event... I'll need some specifics tho.... Pm me address etc and I'll confirm later in the week...
  6. Hey tiny if it's not raining I'd like to go. Can you pm me the details.
  7. ME TOO!!!

  8. hell no!! :D
    the night club for after is were i work so we can all get in for free :p :p
  9. happy 21st TINY,thanks for the invite however im wrkin the next day,i know that sucks however njoy ur night.
  10. Hey Jasper, PM me your addy. Like to celebrate the event ;)
  11. I'll pick you up on the way Minna :D
  12. Sorry Jasper, would have liked to come but have a family event all w/end and won't be make to. Thanks for invite though :)
  13. Grrr same night as Geek Movie Night!!! What am I going to do?!!!!
  14. whos prettier, tiny or me? ;)
    I know where im going, but thats just cos im a social retard :p

  15. Thats a loaded question.... :p

    I dont want to upset Tiny :LOL: :LOL:
  16. si fi or grog, meat, and night club. i know what i would do(and i like si-fi ) :roll:

    whose bigger? :twisted: :LOL:
  17. ah but we have si fi, grog and even a barbie... I could bring glow sticks too!

    ... i have tall brothers?
  18. Happy Birthday Tiny!

    Geek Night hold at my place, so I cant join yours. Have a good one!

  19. Can i come, what night club you going too / work at?
  20. does anyone know someone who would be willing to be the deignated people courier to ang from the nightclub. (i will pay for there petrol) :D