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[Melb] Thursday Night Coffee, Thur 10th Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Bangr, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Howdy all , a change to the coffee night for thur , we are going to do a mystery night were the only person who knows were we are going is the one leading for the night.

    How it works

    We all meet at the BP on Beach Road at the Marina in Stkilda at 7.00.

    The Person who is chosen on the week prior is the only one who knows were we are going. This is purley by option , you dont have to lead a ride.

    It has to be with in a 40klm radius of the city and the ride there will be around a hour.

    From the coffee place you all make your way hme.

    It is that simple .

    For those who will lead , do think about if the place came support the bikes - eg parking ect . and i would have a shorter closer wet weather option up my sleave.

    No we are not open to but what if’s , It is getting us going for a ride and still doing the coffee.

    Late in the year when the weather gets nice we will open up the time and distance for the ride part.

    \Bren :cool:
  2. I finish uni at 7:00 in caulfield but i have NFI where southland is, so if someone can give me directions to southland from caulfield racecourse then chances are i'll be there.
  3. Just head straight down glen eira rd to the nepean hwy, left onto nepean then straight down to sth land.
    You cant miss it.
  4. well that makes 2 , least i dont have to talk to my self.
  5. I dont think I even want to know what sort of conversations you have with yourself when no one else is around Bren :p :p ..

    So I think I will wonder down there Thursday night, just to make sure your no sitting there talking to yourself and scarring all the nice people away :wink: :grin: :grin: ..
  6. considering the local locality I'll be there :grin:
  7. I'll do my best.. :grin:
  8. Just gfot back from sat night coffee , two down five to go , wired already.

  9. Keep up the good work. :cool:

    Meh, I'm off to browse through a Ducati accessories catalogue...
  10. when do I get to see it G
  11. Very soon...B
  12. if i feel good enough, i'll get emma to drive me down. Would love to start catching up with people outside of my place again. Thinking it's about timr for it :)
  13. would be great to see you there.
  14. I Hope this is on the Calender soon , good weather for it at this stage.
  15. Might be there. I only live 3 minutes from there
  16. be great to see you there as well.
  17. I'm at work till in the city till 7, should be able to make it by 7:20 :grin:
    Good to have something on the south for a change
  18. I will still be there at 7.30 , see you then.
  19. I'll be there .. but you knew that :)
  20. Will be there early I hope , I will get a table and get it set up I hope , try and get a table close to the window.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.