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[Melb] Threats to speed camera staff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CamKawa, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,18699798%5E2862,00.html

    AN enraged motorist has sped head-on at a car and made chilling threats in the latest wave of attacks on speed camera operators.

    A day after that incident last month, a driver of the same car made cut-throat gestures at another operator.
    Police are investigating the allegations reported by speed camera operator Tenix.

    Shortly after 4pm on March 17, the driver of a silver Holden Commodore sped towards a camera on Broadmeadows Rd, Tullamarine, and braked suddenly before verbally abusing the operator.

    The driver sped off, braked suddenly again and reversed to resume the diatribe.

    "Don't worry mate I know where you are. I'll find out where you live. I'll get you, you better believe it," the driver said.

    The next day, March 18, the same silver Holden was driving on Sharps Rd, Tullamarine, along with a camera car about 10am.

    At one stage, the Holden and the camera car were stationary side by side, waiting to do a U-turn, when the Holden driver made a cut-throat gesture.

    The Holden followed the camera operator to a Tenix office in Barrie Rd.

    According to the incident report, the driver pointed at the building "as if to say I know where the speed cameras are".

    "I was concerned for myself due to his hostile actions," the operator said in his incident report.

    "I reported the incident to my team leader and was shocked to hear that the same vehicle and person was involved in an incident with another camera car the previous day."

    Tenix declined to comment on the incidents, which have been reported to police. But it is understood the number of attacks on operators has increased significantly after bad publicity over the Western Ring Rd fixed speed camera debacle.
  2. speed camera threats!!!!

    I actually am almost convinced I may know the guy who made the threats.. I know a friend of my ex's family who works for her dad who drives a silver commodore SS..he is always drunk...always drinking and driving..and is a sandwich short of a picnic most times due to various motorcycle accidents(mostly trail bikes with no protective gear on).. so he is not all with it. he literally drives with a slab of VB behind his drivers seat..it would just be typical that it was him.. I only mention this as he also was sacked from his job of 10 yrs with my ex's dads company..and all he does is drive around and annoy people..damn.. I would love to know if its him.. he ALWAYS speeds everywhere..
  3. I think we are going to see more and more of this type of behaviour specially here in Melbourne were they fine you for 3ks over the limit
  4. why doesn't the guy turn actions into words, hurrah for anti speed camera vigilantes! :p (joking... well joking about personal threats and intimidation at least, i'm all for smashing the cameras themselves.)
  5. I'd have to agree that someone pretty seriously unbalanced would try and intimidate a speed camera operator. They are but pawns in the game.

    If you want to voice your disgust, use the ballot box.

    Having said that, you'd have to be dissapointed working for a company like Tenix with all their cool aviation jobs, to be stuck in a station wagon fining mums and dads for some bull$hit nonsensical political reason - doesn't say much for your career prospects.

    If offered a job doing that tomorrow for twice my current salary, there's no way I'd do it. Something unwholesome about it; I just wouldn't sleep at night.
  6. This behavior is despicable, but sadly in society, not totally unexpected.

    People have been shooting out the speed cameras on the Western Ring Road, and now resorting to attacking speed camera operators.

    I think that what the State Government is finding out is that there is a limit to how much the public is prepared to tolerate with respect to unreasonable levels of what is perceived by many to be purely revenue raising along stretches of roads that are well designed, well surfaced, and generally much safer (MUCH lower accident rates per vehicle-kilometer).

    This, coupled with the speed cameras debacles along the Western Ring Road, and now many complaints of similar problems along the Geelong Road, has the public seething that the Government is inflicting an unfair and erroneous speeding enforcement system upon drivers whose livelihoods get severely affected if they lose their license. Couple that with a legal arrangement where the driver is presumed guilty until proven innocent, and a police force and government that is hell bent on doing everything in its power to prevent/allow for there to be any open avenues of question about the equipment even in the face of glaring issues, and the public's faith in the speed enforcement strategies has been shot to pieces and consequently seen as little more than greedy companies being paid big bonuses by greedy governments determined to sack the public driver purse of every last dollar while disrupting their ability to drive legally.

    With every passing day the insanity of the speed enforcement policy in Victoria is growing more and more grim. I won't be surprised to see some political party offering to reduce the level of speed camera policing in order to win votes soon.
  7. If the liberals are smart, that could be one of their trump cards come the campaign trail.

    People want road safety, but almost all would accept there has to be better ways than such a punitive approach.
  8. Save your energy - wait for the new cameras to start operating on the Ring Rd before starting to shoot them again.

    That's fun...
  10. Now that would have to be the most stupid comment made in Netrider history :LOL:

    Seriously, the Lib's might say "we'll look at it when we are elected" and all the sheep will blindly believe them but once they actually get into power they will look at the revenue earned and decide to put more cameras in to earn more money to pay for more junkets for them to take.

    In other words, it will never happen.
  11. It's a bit like the $50 levy.

    They will probably say today that they'll abolish it if they come to power.

    First - they won't come to power in this state at this election.
    Second - We have the signed statement from Bracks about WRB abolition and all sorts of other stuff... If he can break promises I'm sure they can be just as creative at finding excuses why it should stay. (They have a PM who gives lessons in it :? )

  12. I cant see any political party ever getting rid of the cameras, not even downsizing the amount of cameras. The speed cameras are one of the governments largest source of income. :?
  13. Isn't it amazing how all the speed cameras end up on the highways, and yet dickheads can do 100ks in a 50 zone knowing they've got next to zero percent chance of getting busted?

    The only benefit i've found from fixed point speed cameras is on the ring road. They were never necessary on the eastern, but have slowed down traffic immensely on the ringer, which has gotten rid of about 1/4 of all the tailgaiters. Good news for L plate nubs like myself.
  14. Exactly. I never understood why we're not seeing any action along the lines of doing damage to the cameras. While they might be encased in pretty solid enclosures, they do have a vulnerable spot: the lens. Why not break it, or easier still, paint it over? Or better still, splash some acid on it? It would look OK in casual inspection, but the pictures it took would be worthless... here's a challenge to all of these dickheads sprying graffiti on our walls: show us how clever and brave you are and stick it to the man by doing something useful for a change!