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[Melb] The radar's looking like hell

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Aly, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Please ride safely tonight everyone in Melbourne!!

  2. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    holy crap, I was looking at it an hour ago and everything was clear...that is a nice concentration of rain :?. Haven't seen red/burgundy in a while.
  3. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    It was black before. Time to leave work guys
  4. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    nice and sunny in north melbourne
  5. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    Looks like Lara/Avalon are going to get a nice down pour. So far it looks safe anywhere near Melbourne.
  6. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    Yeah. Its moving more south.
  7. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    still perfectly clear where i am
  8. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    looks nice and sunny out there to me
  9. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    ok fine...everyone keep working then :)
  10. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    Was like that in syd yesterday, inconspicuous gusts of wind complete with sideways rain and giant road puddles.

    Apart from getting winded from cars going the other way through said puddles, was the most fun I've had on the bike in a while :(
  11. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    Glad someone else said it, thought I was the odd one out so I was going to refrain from posting yesterday about how I don't mind riding in the rain, I think riding in the rain is challenging both from a physical standpoint and a mental one.

    I still split through for the first part but could barely see the lines (mostly because they were underwater) so I was just taking it easy in stop-start traffic.

    I basically came to the conclusion is you have to accept the bad aspects of motorcycling sometimes limited space to carry things (of course there's exceptions to the rule, BBQ guy, two door guy, fridge guy and countless others). Dealing with the rain is just another one of those things, you can ride with a smile on your face every day splitting in out of traffic whilst the cagers suffer in bumper to bumper traffic but as a rider you'll have to accept that you will get stuck in rain every now and again - if you're too cheap like me to buy a car ;)
  12. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    Sitting on the roof watching a deep indigo curtain wall of cloud slide away just to the south of the city, and a continuous rumble of distant thunder.
    Dodged a bullet - so far.
    Point Cook and Seaford/Frankston are getting hit with solid black on the radar right now.
  13. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    It was supposed to smash Wollongong on the way north-east but we got a half-hearted clap of thunder and two drops of rain and now it's blue skies all over
  14. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    Well the shit has just hit the fan here in Dandenong...
  15. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    out my front yard in Pakenham about 15 minutes ago


    It has dropped about 10 degrees and is blowing a gale
  16. Skye been getting hammered for about 15 ins now, in 2 bursts so far...

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  17. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    just said packenham is coppin a schmakenham from this storm so stay safe down there. just getting a couple of droplets in theback yard here, damn it hung washing out before, oh well guess a 'final rinse' wont hurt it..
    got caught in yesterdays downpour on the way to work yesterday, no plastics and I can say the mototr legions jeans from takami are NOT water proof, but fark it alot to get soaked!! Then it started raining 'inside' my trousers, thank god for spare trousers at work!! rumble rumble outside
  18. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    first lot went south of us but the next looks bang on target
  19. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    Oh I could've driven. I just wanted to enjoy a ride before my exam as opposed to rage at traffic. And I did. Then I locked my keys in my bike, got reamed in the exam, helped some guy fish the keys out of the tail with an allen key, then got soaked on the way home.

    Fantastic day.
  20. Re: The radar's looking like hell

    I am so relieved that I don't have to work tonight ! That radar is the most 'colourful' I've seen it in a while....
    Stay safe everyone - getting hammered hard in Templestowe right now.

    PS - Just when I thought an Aprilia Tuono V4R or a Ducati Streetfighter would be my Christmas pressie, I've opted again for the JetSki... ! :D