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[Melb] The Magician - thurs 20th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. the magician
    m-15+, based in melb, about a hitman, rated 4 stars outta 5 by the age (aparently, my brother told me)

    whos up for it?
  2. I heard an interview from the director on this movie last week, it's an extremely low budget flick with most of the cast being mates of the director who worked for nothing. Sounded like a good movie but alas, I can't go see it tonight. let us know what you thought of the movie.
  3. anyone interested in going to see it another day? (elect a day)
  4. yeah, I'm keen - wednesday or thursday? <shrug>
  5. Re: [Melb] The Magician - tonight? 4/10

    Doesn't that mean you're not old enough to watch it yet????

    Actually if it goes on Mental and not Physical age not too may of us in here qualify at all to see it :p
  6. Re: [Melb] The Magician - tonight? 4/10

    So this is what you do with the directions I gave you??? I hope you miss the turn off and end up in Geelong!!! :LOL:
  7. Re: [Melb] The Magician - tonight? 4/10

    yeah i know, but i have a fake ID so its ok.

    wednesday im working till who knows when, thurs is ok by me tho.
  8. Re: [Melb] The Magician - tonight? 4/10

    pfft, its looking like I'll just be seeing serenity again anyway :p

    damn geeks
  9. Re: [Melb] The Magician - tonight? 4/10

    Cool, and just to show there's no hard feelings. I'll bring all 6 episodes of Stars Wars to Geek night, with the bonus DVD extras!! :D

    You coming to grab a bite to eat aswell?
  10. and just to show how much I appreciate that, Ill hide them in the toilet! :D

    it depends on how long it takes to do the statment. if im running late i guess ill just grab some chocolate from a servo - all the food groups in one hit!
  11. Re: [Melb] The Magician - tonight? 4/10

    4/10 stars isnt very good eswen

    is there going to be rabbits and card tricks
  12. Re: [Melb] The Magician - tonight? 4/10

  13. if you didnt change the topic on me, id quote you like you've never been quoted before.!
  14. oh wait. or was that the date :p

    sorry :(

  15. its on at villiage and hoytes too, but only selected cinemas. Jam factory is one of them.
    Does that mean your up for it foxy?

    intrest shown so far by

    wait a second... this isnt a chick flick! wheres all the bad ass biker dudes?? its m15+!!!
  16. Hey that sounds good. If it's a tuesday night, count me in :D
  17. Hahaha, well if it's a Tuesday night, count me out.
  18. so anyway... anyone want to go see this?
  19. Depends when you're going. I can make it this Thursday, or next Tues/Thurs.