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[Melb] That was not fun

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by swingarm, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. I had the pleasure of being on the Monash between Toorak Rd and the CBD this morning after 6 when the rainstorm hit. A pox on the road surface in this area.

    The rain was heavy but could have been heavier. The wind was some of the worst I've ever ridden in considering this isn't an exposed location. The divvy was tacking like a supermaxi yacht. Sympathies to anyone riding on the Westgate.

    grumpy old man
    (who still thinks motorbiking is more fun than most other legal activities)
  2. That's precisely why I'm posting this from my laptop on a nice, warm bus to Richmond station to get the train out to work. I don't think I could put myself through the Monash this morning.
  3. I thought the gusty winds were more interesting than the rain.

    Thank heaven for school hols, so there was les traffic anyway!.
  4. You're not wrong! 7-7.30 am on the Eastern, the bike was almost weaving (still within lane tho) due to the gusty wind!

    Not to mention the traffic, took me all of 45mins to get to CBD, usually 35.
  5. About ten minutes before my alarm I was awakened, this morning, to an explosion. The massive(!!) old pine tree in our backyard had had enough and came crashing down! Landed between our house (outside my bedroom window) and a residential hostel next door, taking up their driveway and hence doing little damage to anything except taking out our fence.

  6. If I'd been 10 minutes earlier I'd have missed the rain. I saw it on the BOM radar and rushed through the shower to get away sooner. Too late.
    [speculation] I wonder Eastlink is starting to funnel more traffic more quickly onto the Eastern - therefore just moving the congestion around a bit?
  7. On the Eastlink this morning around 6:30 .. Boy was I wishing I'd have taken the car instead. It was the first time I was REALLY convinced today was the the day for my first 'OFF'.
    Made it to work ok though :grin:
  8. Ah, we had a tree fall down too - well a decent size bnranch that landed on our footpath. I Left later so it was clear sky, but very gusty!
    That's the impression I got from a riveting report on Ten(?) news last night where a dude did a report while commuting to the city on Eastlink. It was smooth running, til he hit a car park as the much higher traffic numbers tried to get off the Eastern Freeway at the city end.

    A cynical part of me wonders if it wa sa conscious decision to open the freeway at the beginning of school shlidays and when the public sector had an RDO on Monday :?
  9. you can be 100% certain it was planned that way
  10. Was Seven. They has Paul Mees (fkwit) on TodayTonight (housemate watches it, i cannot STAND that show) harping on about how it was terrible etc etc. While this may be true, the man is an idiot. Read some of his public transport reports. He's a numbnut.
  11. EEewww, is that where I saw it - Today Tonight. I feel sullied. :mad:
    It was just on in the b/ground. Yeah he totally was a tool. City end of the Eastern looked like a carpeark to me though.