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[MELB] Tech Heads Help -- Check out a bike 4 me *please*

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by djdude1010, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. I am asking for the help of any Technical minded people that could help me, as i would appreciate it very very much,

    i am looking at a 97 FZR250 and its not registered, i would love it if someone could come to this guys house and have a look at this bike for me and point me in the right direction.... maybe spot things that i wouldnt etc.... just to get a second opinion.. :D

    The bike is in Doncaster for those interested -- Thank you sooo much....

  2. for your first bike mate, i STRONGLY suggest that you dont bother pissing around with bikes that dont have reg or RWC. its just such a painful process and is made worse by the fact that you just want to ride and dont know much about what your doing. spend a little more on something with reg or spend the same on a cheaper bike, but i really think you'd be best to stay away from something like this....
  3. oh yeah, and i dont think there was a 97 FZR, sounds like he's giving you the compliance date as the manufacture date. i REALLY hate when ppls do that :evil:
  4. Just a quick piece of advice. Make sure you check the bike or atleast the old rego papers to be sure that is truly is a 1997 model and not just last complianced in 1997. That is the LAST year that yamaha produced those bikes so there is no where near as many of them around as older models.
  5. Hmm I usualy check bikes out for $50... but also I have an FZR250 in my garage that belongs to a mate of mine... it would make a good project bike... though I think he is asking a bit to much for it...
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  7. Where abouts in Doncaster, I am just around the corner, happy to have a squiz.

    PM or Call me on 0403 049 749.

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  9. just looing at the pictures you can see it was a "project" bike... and not finished off to well eather... look at the duck tails they have different stickers!! Ask the seller how badly was it smashed... these models don't like getting their frames bent and straighten to often..

    If you are going to buy it make sore you get it with RWC and than get it rechecked by another mechanic to see if the RWC is genuane...