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Melb -Syd - Port Macquarie - return - suggestions please

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by doonx, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. I have a week of nothing in between finishing up at this job and starting the new one. I thought i might go for a blast up to Sydney, visit a couple of people, then run up to Port Mac to see some others, then return to Melb.

    I've never ridden anywhere that distance in one hit, but do feel very comfortable on the Viffer and don't think the distance/time will be a problem.

    I have heard many others say not to go via the Hume cause it's just bat-shit boring. That being the case what other routes can people suggest between Melb and Sydney that will still get me to Syd in a day ?

    There's a chance I may be able to leave Melb on Sunday 10th Sept, but more likely on Monday 11th. I was thinking that the itinerary might be something like this:

    Monday 11th - leave Melb, arrive Penrith dinner time.
    Tuesday 12th - ride to Port Mac (3-4 hrs tops). Stay O'night
    Wednesday 13th - return to Penrith via the Putty Rd :twisted: . Stay O'night
    Thursday 14th - either return to Melb, or stay O'night again
    (If required) Friday 15th - return to Melb by 5:00pm

    I have to be back in Melb by Friday around 5:00pm because I'm (would you believe) then flying to Sydney for the weekend. Don't ask.

    How does this sound ?

    I'm open to other suggestions.

  2. Doonks,

    I agree that riding from Melb to Syd on the Hume is lame boring. Thats why if I am planning to do this ride I always take a couple of days and generally do it across the snowies. However if I had to do it in one day I think the Hume would be your better option.

    If you are travelling all the way up to Syd to do the Syd to Port Mac ride, you can not leave without doing Putty Road, Thunderbolts way (Glouster to Walcha), Oxley Highway and the run through to Wisemans Ferry.

    I think that you could get all these roads in by mixing them up with some Princess highway runs over the two days. It might mean however that you will need to spend more than 3-4 hours on the road each day though.

    At the moment I am planning my Phillip Island run, and I must admit part of the attraction is trying to plan a different route each time I do it. So pull the map out, spend a couple of hours over a glass of red (if thats your vice), plan your ride and enjoy what these roads have to offer.

    (ZRX) Brett
  3. I was thinking (after consulting the touring guide) running up the Calder, to Echuca, then the Cobb Hwy to Hay veer right onto the Mid Western Hwy to West Wyalong, Forbes, Orange, Bathurst, up and over the Blue Mountains to Penrith.

    Do you reckon that's do-able in a day without leaving me totally exhausted ?
  4. Back roads to Bairnsdale -> Cann River -> Bombala -> Bega -> Batemans Bay -> Kiama -> Wollongogn -> Sydney.
    About 10 hrs if riding alone and not long stops.
  5. A week you say. Well there's a potential 5-7000kms available :) At this time of the year I would be inclined to head out to Yarra junction>Noojee>Willow Grove>Yallourn North>Tyers>Heyfield>Maffra & slot back onto the Princes.
    From there head for Bombala>down Brown Mountain>Bega>Tathra>Bermagui. Back onto the Princes. Follow the coast up to the Gong, or head inland Just after Bombaderry & do the Kangaroo Valley/Macquarie pass loop. Follow the coast again up through the Royal National park & into Sydney.
    The putty road is waaaay overrated. 15kms of reasonable twisties at the start & about 30 at the Singleton end. The rest of the way has to be ridden at full throttle to keep you awake.
    I have not done this next leg, but the run out to Wisemans Ferry is supposed to be good. Then head for Wollombi>Cessnock>Newcastle.

    Oops, just noticed you want to get to Sydney in a day. Whats the hurry man? You've got a week. Use it.
    I have done the route above & I gaurentee you will like it -if you like twisties :grin:

    From Newcastle one would have to do the Thunderbolts way/Oxley Highway loop. Thats if you want to call yourself a motorcyclist :LOL: I would rate the Oxley as one of the best roads on the East Coast. But thats just me.

  7. .... Bombala>cathcart>down mt darragh>pambula>Bega>Tathra>Bermagui. Back onto the Princes....

    bombala-cathcart-mt darragh-pambula is serious fun
  8. Has that had bitumen laid? Last time I heard, a large portion was still gravel.
  9. you have here the supervisor of the crew that sealed that section of road my friend.

    merrimbula-tathra-bermi all sealed. it's our current long weekend ride
  10. Shhhhh. Don't tell everyone :wink: . But I must add its an excellent 40 odd kms of prime twisties. Still pretty smooth (well it was just before winter) & I don't recall seeing one other vehicle on it last time I was there :)

    Yet to do that run -but the Mt Imlay road isn't too bad either :grin:
  11. :LOL:
    sealed imlay too
    i am a road slut, i get about.

    gerringong, south to the border, inland to (and including albury-wodonga) up to west wyalong-forbes and mostly everything in between.

    in fact, next financial it looks as though we will be getting orbost, and even shepparton......scary how much time i may spend in victoria :shock: