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Melb - Syd over two days - nice place to stop off?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by toz, May 31, 2008.

  1. So i've gotta go from Melb to Syd for a family thing, and decided to ride rather than fly this time. :grin: :grin: I've only been riding for a few months, so I'm gonna do it over two days, but can't really take much more time than that. Don't wanna be riding more that 7 hours a day, which prob means taking the Hume. But I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a nice place to stop over in the middle, preferably somewhere a bit spunkier and more fun to ride than the highway? Cheers!

  2. Rather than go the boring Hume route, why dont you take the coast road and stop in Eden overnight.
  3. Unless you want to get off the bike crippled and stiff, I suggest that you adjust your itinerary and avoid the Hume. You should be able to make Eden in the first day, as suggested, and Sydney the next day, riding the coast road. It's longer, but you WILL, repeat, WILL, be bored out of your skull and put off riding forever if you do the Hume on a 250.
  4. Sweet, i'm convinced. I just had a look at some pictures of the coast road on the net - definately looks a lot spunkier! And heaven forbid I get put off riding - it's the most fun thing I've ever done in my life, can't understand why I didn't do it earlier! Thanks heaps. Let y'all know how I go.
  5. +1 for Eden. Have fun :)
  6. No more bored than you'd get doing the run from Melbourne to Bairnsdale in anything slower than a scramjet.

    2 weeks ago, Garou rode the Hume all the way from Sydney to Melbourne on his 250. We stopped in Canberra & Albury (so a 3 day trip), and I don't think he was bored for any of it (neither was I for that matter) and he can't wait for the next trip. Don't be put off riding ANY route because someone suggests you'll be bored.

    My advice to you is to do a daytrip around home and see just how long you can -REALLY- ride in any one day. Don't just measure distance, also measure time in the saddle and your condition the next day. You may find 2 days Syd-Melb is too much - don't overstretch yourself, fatigue puts yourself (and other road users) at a much higher risk.