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[Melb/Syd] Melb to Sydney Road Trip, 21 Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. In still in yr 12 (yes im a baby) but when I finish this year, pass or fail, Im going to de-stress with ...
    ROAD TRIP!!!
    It will be summer, so bear that in mind, November/december. No idea where to go yet, all my friends finished yr 12 a year or more ago so have no one to go to schoolies with, and would prefer to ride anyway.

    Any voulenteers to join me? Only prerequsit is have to be on uni or yr 12 hollidays else your suck.

    Im very much open to suggestion on where to go, am thinking maybe tazzie cos it will be a little cooler down there? (never been so correct me if im wrong)

    edit - arrangments made, leaving 21st nov coming back 27th!
  2. Not Tassie , your not family so you wont have any fun . Gold coast i say .
  3. WTF?

    You ain't going to schoolies?

    Even if you don't know anyone, you'll meet a hell of a lot of new friends very quickly then.
  4. you own a bike and you're doing year 12? damn you!! i wish i had a bike when i was at school.

    anyway you should consider the whole schoolies thing, get your mates to revisit or something, it's a once in a lifetime thing.. except i did it twice :p

    tassie would be pretty dead nightlife wise wouldn't it? good roads i hear though.
  5. Well then I obviously suck, just because I will not be on Uni or school hols.
    Pity I was going to put my hand up for a decent ride.
    Oh well never mind (goes off to sulk in a corner and dream of world domination.)

  6. depends what you want to do while on holidays, me personally i would stay in melb enjoy the warm summer months down at the beach then head to gc during winter for another month (holiday) and party hard enjoy the warth winter
  7. Count me in!!

    Schoolies on the Cold Toast is highly over rated. Ill be on uni holidays by then so im good to go!! Maybe Tassie, or even head west.
  8. Yeah, but schoolies is a once or twice in your lifetime thing.

    You can get away with going once or twice more when you're at uni, but then that's it.

    After that you're branded a toolie :)

    It is an experience though.
  9. Come to the Gold Coast for SCHOOLIES!!!!! I'm going down this year as well, (gf's schoolies so i have to supervise to make sure all drinking sessions end up with people doing stupid shit and being to trashed to see 3 ft away by the end of the night).


    i knew it would be good. but when i got there.. words just weren't enough.

    best way to de stress, lose brain cells and forget all the crap you just leanrt at the same.

    Just... hide your bike..
  10. i feel sorry for you man.. i really didn't think it was gonna be anything really great, and obviously you spent the week with the wrong people doing the wrong shit..

    cause i had a FCUKING AWESOME TIME... you can talk to just anyone you see and they'll be as pissed as you are, you can see a group of people and go over and talk to em for an hour and end up drinkin or whatever with em that night..
  11. about 15 of us skipped schoolies in favour of renting a massive house estate at byron for a week - turned out to be fantastic except for the fact that the particular real estate agent we went through made it extremely clear that she would never rent to another group of school finishers again :LOL:
  12. Meh, I can do that anywhere :) I can afford my own booze so I dont need to drink anyone else's. I went to schoolies first out of school, and used to go up there most years with my mate and his band. I used to live in Byron, so the Gold Coast was no novelty for me. Id much prefer a few days alongside a river with a carton of beer/jimmy/johhny/bundy and some quality.
  13. Byrons a fair bit better. Far more relaxed than the GC, not as croweded and not as dirty. Maybe im biased tho :)
  14. Fair enough, wouldn't mind the same myself.

    Reading my post again, I'm glad you didn't take the wrong way cause it wasn't intended to offensive

    Cowboy1600, i know what you mean about Byron
  15. I'll be up for my 1st paid holidays in 6 bleeding years on or around xmas time , have bike .. will travel , so where you wana go Mr Scumbag , North or West ?

    hmmm Tahiti looks nice ! Simon....... Tahiti !!
    ( who remembers THAT add ? )
  16. same.

    So looks like its just cowboy and me so far?
    and bob and scumbag if they are cool enough :p
  17. Showing your age, Bob!!!
  18. Cousins Imperial Soap add was'nt it :?:
  19. Oh yes I remember that add.
    As to where to go, hmmm will have to think about that, I have to keep some dollars handy for the Tassie trip in April next year or Mrs Scumbag will use my testicles for purposes they are not designed for.
    A couple of days scooting around the northern roads in the state does not sound too bad though.

  20. Cussens Imperial LEATHER soap, yes, it was.
    Family travelling on holidays in a private jet, if I recall.