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[Melb/Syd] Extreme Mountain Ride - 27th to 30th December

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Skuffy, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    OK, all locked in. Have accommodation (back-packers) booked in Jindabyne and Merimbula. Wollongong, work it out when I get there.

    If anyone is interested, I will be hitting the road on Tuesday morning and coming home Friday evening. IF, for some reason I need to change, I will skip Wollongong and leave Wednesday.

    If people want to come along, contact me on 0418965034

    Very few stops and lots of riding.....
  2. Love to join ya bud, but I'll be working. I'll save my holidays for when the roads are clear!
  3. No probs..... I have 7 weeks of leave so I will use about 3 days of it and get about 2 weeks worth....

    The way things are going, if all things fall through, I will enjoy riding on my own... Wont have to keep waiting for people........
  4. what have you got in mind?
    I know i should be working but wlf.
  5. Hey there Brick.

    Welcome and pleased to meet you.... OK, I have two options:

    Option 1.
    Head up in the north direction and go via: Mansfield through Bright, Mt Beauty to Jindabyne. Then, maybe head upto Wollongong via the magnificent roads through Nowra and then head home. It can be either three or 4 days

    Option 2.
    Head West and via Port Fiary and beyond.... have not really been beyond but thought it might be an adventure.....

    What do you think?
  6. Am in Bris then Melbourne until new year, but might try to organise a trip from Syd down to Jindabyne the following week with a mate via the south coast, maybe camp at Mimosa Rocks. Arrive in Jindy, stay at a mates place and then ride back to Sydney. I'm probably not the best riding budy though as I'm still on my L's so it would be a very restricted pace:( (in parts).
    But plan on doing as much riding as possible over the next couple of weeks while having a break. Will also try and do several runs through the Royal National.
  7. Hey muz steer clear of the Royal over the hols, it'll be full of eco-tourists 'n stuff. Come down to Wollongong and do "The Loop", much more fun on much better roads.
  8. Sounds good - actually want to ride to Jambaroo Pub for a meal too.
  9. OK, I think this is the plan....

    Tuesday - Melbourne to Jindabyne - spend the night at the backpackers
    Wednesday - Jindabyne to Wollongong - spend the night somewhere
    Thursday - Wollongong to Merinbula - backpackers
    Friday - Home

    The way I look at it, i will be riding alone and need bugger all stops, especially since I have quit smoking....
  10. OK, all locked in.

    Refer to the initial post........

    If your interested in coming along, call me.