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Melb-Syd-Bris..an L plater on a virago heads nth for 2 wks.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. As the title 'suggests' I'm an L plater on a virago who decided to head nth for 2 weeks. :grin:

    With the kids going to their Dads for a fortnight I decided there was no point sitting around here by myself. May as well get out there on the bike and do some riding. :)

    The main destination was Sydney, but after arriving there I realised I couldn't wait to get out of the place ;) :LOL: and took off for Brisbane instead.

    Here below is an account of my FIRST big trip (there'll be more for sure). I took a notepad with me but only wrote in it the first night...couldn't be stuffed after that. I'm going purely off memory and because my memory isn't the best I may have to make some bits up. :grin:


    So I drop the girls at their Dads. Much hugs and kisses and 'I'll miss you's'. I promise to send them a postcard every single day and then it's off through the pouring rain to my parents. Dad's worried about my 'big trip'..tells me to be careful and look out for the idiots. Yes Dad. I'll be careful. It's about 10.30pm when I jump on the bike and head for my sister's place..one town away. I'm sitting just under the speed limit and coming up towards a sharp bend in the road so I slow right down...not slow enough though. It's been pouring down with rain the entire time and some fine gravel from an elevated driveway has washed onto the road surface. As I turn into the bend the front steering goes. Bike wobbles...tilts to the left and I think 'Hold it! Hold it!' but to no avail. We both go down, sliding along the road - me thinking 'that's it...trip's over before it's even begun' until we come to a stop. Just when I think it's almost over, the bike jerks into a 360 spin and I think 'Oh f#@!...it's rooted.'

    I pick it up and shine the torch over it. Bent mirror. Bent footpeg. Bent saddlebag frame. Lots of mud and gravel. Bike starts first time. I fix the mirror and the frame and then thinking perhaps it's not rooted, ride the rest of the way to my sisters where I knock on her door and start bawling like an absolute baby. My heel hurts but other than that my body feels fine. Oh, the stitched on bum part of my Audi pants is half hanging off.

    I beg her not to tell Dad.

    The bike (after the saddlebag frame has been straightened):



    7.30 am I'm out of Longwarry and riding rather cautiously along the Princes Hwy. It starts to rain about 5 minutes after I leave my sisters. It's also windy as hell...making me all the more nervous as the wind's pushing this little virago with it's shaky rider all over a slippery, wet road. I take my time but soon get sick of taking my time and increase the speed to something closer to the speed limit. Confidence slowly returns although I'm still wary of the conditions and every right handed corner gives me flashbacks of the night before.

    I stop here and there along the way - refuelling both the bike and me. I'm in a slightly pissed off mood...pissed about the drop and the weather and some other shit that always seems to happen.

    I take some time away from being pissed off to note that the scenery from Orbost to Cann River is beautiful. The road's not bad either.. :)

    Stop at Cann River for a coffee and hamburger at the corner cafe/restaurant place. Sit there looking through the rain at the caravan park entrance down the road. Sit there looking at the motel across from me. Sit there looking at the Monaro hwy sign. I've had a message from Roamer in nthn Victoria telling me he's had nothing but sunshine all day. The idea of heading nth enters my mind. The idea of a warm bed in a dry motel room does too. The idea of settting a tent up in the rain doesn't enter my mind at all.

    Not sure what I'm going to do I get on the bike.

    It turns right at the Monaro and not long after I'm applauding myself for heading north. I've left the rain behind and the wind dies down considerably. I start to relax and enjoy myself. :)


    I'm rapt after taking this photo. Bouncing about on the bike...saying 'woohoo' in my helmet... :grin:

    There's an old maori proverb which says 'Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you'.

    Well NSW was the sun and Vic with all the crap and dramas was one dark shadow. It really did feel like I was leaving all my problems behind when I crossed that border.

    200metres down the road I met my first kangaroo - two actually - sitting on the side of the road. Blood drains from my face and my woohoos are replaced with 'Oh shit..oh shit..holy crap' I reduce speed and ride terrified for the rest of the way to Bombala.

    The caravan park there is quaint. Nice clean toilet block. Large warm laundry room. Friendly manager. Pretty setting. I'm glad to be there. Glad I made it this far. Intent on making it even further Goddammit. :)


    :)lol: That's all I'm capable of for tonight...).
  2. Oh how it makes me smile to see you doing this.

    I have a saying on my web site. .... it's just a road.
    But oh what a wonderful road it is, have fun, thats very important. Will be watching for the next installment.
  3. Hi Rosie

    Thanks for chapter one

    Was great to catch up with you in Sydney, and glad you arrived home safely.

    You've shown that you can go Adventure riding on any bike :cool:
  4. Ooooo yes I love the Monaro.

    Look forward to reading more Rosey.
  5. Great start off for your ride report Rosie...now don't forget, what you can't put up in a post you have to PM me :LOL: :rofl:
  6. ooh...so much to tell! Do PM's have a word limit? :LOL: Better yet, let's get together for a few drinks this weekend...oh hang on...don't think I can...I'm going to be busy this weekend. :cool: :woot: :-# :-w Remember the sms I sent you about coffee the next morning???? :-w

    The Monaro was everything you made it out to be G. I only got as far as the turn-off for Bega so can't speak for the northern part of the road, but what I rode was pretty schmick.

    Toecutter - I'm so happy with the little virago. It's a real trooper!

    Davo...my feelings exactly. :)
  7. Yeah Baby :woot:
  8. sounds like you had a blast rosie.....glad to hear it all went to plan.

    cheers stewy :)
  9. That was great Rosie, looking forward to the next installment! Great to hear too that you will be busy this weekend.. :wink: ..
  10. Very good read Rosie.. and can't wait for the next episode.

    I would love to do the same when I get the chance and possible head up to QLD but a lot of commitment at the moment so cannot leave everything behind.. and not very sure if my current 1993 bike able to take the challenge. :LOL:
  11. Re: Melb-Syd-Bris..an L plater on a virago heads nth for 2 w

    You rock. I admire your sense of adventure.
  12. Keep the installments coming Rosie, always enjoy these sorts of stories.
  13. Sitting here with big cheesy grin on my face Rosie :grin:
    was youre ex pissed off :shock: ?? i sure hope so :p

    Loading the bike this morning and I push down a bit too hard and it drops. Pick it up, having a bit of a laugh. Second time in two days. Is this a sign of things to come? Take a photo of the odometer. What will it read by the time I get back?


    Back on the Monaro – enjoying every inch of it. I go along at my own pace…minimal traffic to bother me…using this opportunity to practice counter-steering through corners. Playing around with the amt of push I can give on the bars and what effect it has on the bike. It’s not too twisty here – not tight twists such as what I was about to encounter – so the amt of push required was minimal. It was good practice though and once I turned off the Monaro on the road to Bega, I was thankful I’d been given that chance to play around with it all as my confidence had again picked up and I was no longer timid with the corners.
    Here the roads gets windy…mountainous country…and I’m dropping gears to keep my speed going up and slow my speed going down.

    The road to Bega:


    The little virago handles the hills well, although I’m a bit slow with some gear changes which results in me flying around some corners at a speed that I’m not one hundred percent comfortable with – and putt putting up some hills as though I’m towing a caravan. I come upon traffic moving at a slow pace and as I’m not game to overtake decide to take my time and enjoy the scenery instead.

    Brown Mtn lookout:

  15. Woodsy - I wouldn't know if he is as there's no way he's gonna tell me, :grin: but he didn't ask about the trip and he's been short and gnarly with me since getting back...:LOL: he's always like that though. :LOL:

    Meh - let him thinks what he wants. :LOL:
  16. Aww no fair, were never going to get to rip up his lawn at this rate :p

    Talked to Mike yesterday arvo he was at his mum's in Stratford on his way back.

    And what’s this about enticing a cop in to the fraternity? do I get jealous yet :p
  17. Can't wait to hear about his trip... :) You better post about it Mike :)

    The cop is cool. :cool: I think you should be very jealous. :LOL:

    DAY 2 : BOMBALA TO KIAMA cont..

    From Bega it's up the Princes Hwy to Narooma. Fill the tank up and have luch. It's hot here and I'm wishing I packed some shorts to throw on whilst sitting around. I've prearrangd to meet Roamer here so ride down under the bridge and after much contemplation decide to go fora swim. I get so far as pulling my boots and socks off when a mean green vulcan meanstreak roars up the road. We head toward Moruya, following the river and then stop for lunch at Batemans Bay. I don't have the heart to tell him I've already eaten :LOL: so sit down and plough into a chicken mango avocado concoction which tastes berloody nice. I eat the whole lot too...good brain food.


    I gave birth to my second daughter at Batemans Bay. Lots of memories of this place. As I'm riding along I picture me walking on the side of the road - pushing the pram with my oldest daughter running off ahead of me. I wonder what this Rosie would think if she knew I'd be riding along that very road 13 years later on a motorbike - truly happy and free. :)

    The day is disappearing as we come towards Kiama so I say bye to Roamer and set up camp at the last remaining campsite in the caravan park.

    Grab some tea and a couple of bundy's and chill. :cool:
  18. Sheeesh girl you only met the guy for lunch :LOL:

    Great story, I love people who get out and ride the country..... waiting for next.
  19. Rosie, what an awesome write up. I can't wait for the rest of the chapters. Just a thought, once you've got it all down and on the thread, get one of the mods to create a duplicate post without all our comments and sticky it in one of the touring areas. It can be an example to us all about how to enjoy. And I love the Maori quote.
  20. My trip was good, although I'm not sure my bike agrees.. the poor little zzr is looking a bit sad and sorry for itself at the moment.. not to worry..
    I'm probably too lazy to actually post anything but I'll more than likely tell you all about it next time you guys take me hostage for the weekend and force beers down my throat ;)

    I did get a smile from your little updates you sent me, you sounded like you were having a ball :grin:
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip.. get posting :grin: