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[Melb] Superbikes - Friday

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Cowboy1600, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Righto....whos riding down friday and what time? Are we going to get a group love in happening or what?

  2. Well there's me who will definitely be leaving in the afternoon, probably around 5:30, but I'm hoping to get out of training earlier, fingers crossed [-o< [-o<
  3. Yes i'll be riding down friday late arvo... 8)
  4. I'll be heading in in the morning, not sure how early yet.
  5. same as Jake , going down early fri morn just not sure how early yet
  6. I'm heading down friday morning also, not sure what time... depends upon the better half getting ready.... *thinks* ok... might be in the arvo ;-)
  7. Why not tell her you plan to go late Thursday! That way she will be ready just in time

    To go early Friday morning……
  8. Heading down between 4-5 from the eastern suburbs :D
    Is anyone going to Cowes caravan park?
  9. heading down Friday night about 6'ish, from Narre, two bikes and the family wagon, gunna give my grandson his first WSB experience........
  10. There is a group of us leaving HQ (Mulgrave) at 5pm sharp on Friday arvo if anyone wants to join us. :)
  11. Oooooroight.....Ill be there.....

  12. You still got the address Cowboy or do I need to Pm/SMS it to you?
  13. I'm driving down (obviously), I'm gunna get there at 7.00am, I'll drive home Fri night to pick up the beautiful Brigitte and drive back down early Sat morning.
  14. mmmm.....i think you'll need to send it my way again.
  15. What time is your race John, you wouldn't want one of your other "pit crew" members to miss out on the race. :D :D :D

  16. I've got two qualifying sessions on Friday, below is the the schedule for the Aussie Superbikes.....

    Q1 12.10 - 12.30
    Q2 4.10 - 4.40

    R1 12.15 - 12.40 10 laps
    R2 5.20 - 5.35 5 laps

    R3 2.20 - 2.45 10 laps
  17. Good Luck, John. Nice to see that we have a bona fide competitor in Netrider.

    (are there any others?)

    So, where's the pit passes for your bucko Netrider mates.....????
  18. Ha! I'm lucky to have a pass for myself :shock: If I could get my hands on any more, I most certainaly would offer them to the NR team. :D
  19. Brokey the better half and I will be in a cabin at Cowes caravan park with 2 guys from aus.motorcycle news group. Look for a Red/Silver Moto Guzzi Le Mans V11 (me), a yellow SV650 (slej) and ummm not sure what boky's arriving in or on... outside the front of one of the cabins.

    Drop in and say hi :)