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[Melb] Sunday Arvo Coffee - Black Spur

Discussion in 'VIC' started by FormerUser3, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Sunday arvo coffee at Black Spur roadhouse!! :cool:

    Come along for a blat and a chat! :grin:

    When: Every Sunday arvo
    Time: 1pm onwards (Lunchish time :) )
    Location: Black Spur Roadhouse! Narbethong..

    For those who dont know where to ride - Follow the spur all the way through to the end and you'll see the roadhouse on the right hand side.. Next to the Black Spur Hotel/Motel/Caravan park.. :)

    Plenty of parking, petrol, hot food, snacks and coffee all available...
    Help yourself to Free Tea or Coffee between laps of the Spur

    See you all there! :cool:
  2. Looking forward to catching up with all the regulars and any new faces that make their way through the spur. :grin:
    Sunday Arvo coffee is here to stay until daylight saving hits again later on in the year, then we will change it back to the Wednesday nights when its nice and quiet on the roads with lots of daylight to enjoy.
    Cheers Ray
  3. Dont think I'll be up this weekend, doing things.. The weather is lookin pretty shite for Sunday arvo too.. :?
  4. Leaving Narre Warren 12.30'ish for afternoon coffee

    see you soon Ray..
  5. What th'....:shock: No Starlette in the Spur??? [-X

    Are U sure Yr feeling OK M8 :?:

    Hope 2CU Wednesday though :wink:
    No excuses...the weather is going 2B kind 2 us ALL :dance:
  6. FARK :shock: just heard the BAD news :cry:
    I hope Yr OK Jen??? Not 2 shaken up!!!
    Don't worry bout' the material S#it in life...as long as U pulled up OK???
    The advice Yr dad gave U is BANG ON!!!
    But I don't think U need 2 give up Yr passion in life...maybe just take it a little easier!!!
  7. Mate, how good was the weather today?!

    Sorry to all you poor buggers who didn't make it up today because you thought it was gonna rain! :LOL:

    My little baby's back in roadworthy form and looking more like a cross-breed than a ZX6R... but she still gets along alright! :grin:

    Thanks (as always) for your brilliant hospitality, Raph and Deb! You're both champs!

    I'll see some of you on Wednesday and the rest next Sunday arvo, no doubt! :)
  8. ](*,) :facepalm: Thx 4 rubbing that in dot :cry: :wink: :p

    CU Wednesday...M8Y
  9. Hey Ray MAN!!
    Thankyou for the coffee and chat Sunday night. Will be up again this Sunday and Saturday. If the weathers bad I figure I can just harass yourself and the Debster!! And just in case you were wondering, I take my coffee a little stronger! Hahahaha Juuust kidding
    See you soon Jenna

    Ps Are you happy with my first post....? I think I did very well between you and me!
  11. Rain on the Spur!!!!! :(
    I hate it when that happens!!!! :evil:
    I will update the weather later in the morning.
    Cheers, Raph :cool:
  12. That must suck for business ey?
  13. So must your Sunday morning attitude!
  14. [​IMG]

    I think someone needs a Nescafe...
  15. Or a ride. That's probably what Vic needs too. :)

    Looks like I'm settling for coffee today though. :(
  16. I've got the twin parked at the back door, watching my collection of Cathar videos. I've had 3 free coffees, now if i can just get the kids to make a burger like Deb and Ray can, it'll be exactly like the real thing.
    And, it wont have cost me a cent!
    Thanks for the weather report dood, see ya soon.

  17. And some more Krispy Kremes, hey Vic.. :grin:
  18. Well, its just one of those days really. Gloomy on all fronts.
    Still scattered showers up this way. Cheers Guys Raph.