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[Melb] Sunday 4th sept ( experiEnced ride )

Discussion in 'VIC' started by VTRBob, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Sorry guys but learner ride is Sat 3rd
    this one's Definatly NOT for learners or the inexperianced amoung us.

    10am meet at Diamond Creek Macca's
    10.30 leave

    Route : Diamond Creek - Kinglake - Healsville via chum creek rd,
    1st stop for fuel and coffee and regroup ? if needed

    Black spur - Marysville ( lunch ) then depending on how we feel, Reefton spur or just reverse the route back to Diamond creek ?

    NO undertaking on corners etc etc etc
    Im hopeing the need for Corner Markers and TEC wont be needed

    So Far :
    deygo ?
    Firefling ?
    Roarin ?
    Sir Scuffy
  2. Sound's like fun, put me down!

    I take it overtaking around corner's on the OUTSIDE is still allowed?

  3. I've got family visiting then but will try and sneak off for this - haven't had a good fang for ages. Glad to see you chose a deccent starting time Bob ;).
  4. This is not funny! :shock:
    Can't go on the sat ride due to work
    Can't go on the sun ride due to being inexperienced
    This is more than just a tease :twisted:
    Oh well .... :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. Ask someone to take you as a pillion, just be ready with your pokin' stick to keep the mob ruly ;).
  6. Any offers - PM me :D :shock: :p
  7. I can take people on the back, they have a habit of falling off :oops:

  8. Mental Note - If NovaCoder offers you pillion ride - say NO! :p :D :D
  9. Mental Note - If NovaCoder offers you pillion ride - say NO! :p :D :D
    Or wear plenty of pretective clothing....
  10. I think its more like they are bailing out.....safer that way. :p
  11. You could be on to something there Matt :LOL:
  12. Sounds good..! can easily be back in time for fathers day :)

    Count me in at this stage...

  13. Hey there Black Betty. If you're feeling brave you can jump on the back of my bike. I have been known to pillion the odd rider home from a ride, just ask GSXR1000 :LOL:
  14. I may be able to make it to this ride (if nobody organises another learner ride for Sunday)
  15. This looked really promising at the start , untill i kept reading the threads to it being on fathers day :( :(
  16. Me faddah's overseas and unlike muddah's day Faddah's day isn't international :D
  17. i can vouch for that, but i'll stay quiet about the style and speed :p
  18. :wink: ....not a problem...he was very gentle with me... :p .....
    I got home safe didn't I...
    which bike did you say you would be riding Roarin??
    might even get out on this ride myself, if I can get out of fathers day stuff...... :)

    put me down as a maybe..

  19. Aaaah. Decisions, decisions. Not yet sure which bike. Depends on the pillion situation :LOL: Be good to catch up again if you do make it gsxr1000. Haven't seen you for quite a while either shabby -hows the new ride?