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[Melb] Sunday 4 Sep Ride Learner Friendly

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Scumbag, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Ok Ladies and Gentlemen.
    I propose the following.
    Leaving from the Bayswater Rd carpark of Anaconda Outdoor store cnr of Bayswater and Canterbury Rd's Ringwood East at 1030. Melway 64 G3.
    Heading up through Montrose, Kalorama, Mt Dandenong, Olinda, Monbulk, Emerald, Cockatoo, Yellingbo, Woori Yallock to Healsville for lunch/coffee etc. Lunch to be taken at your choice of venue.
    Then From Healsville to Yarra Glen, Christmas Hills, Kangaroo Ground, Warranwood, Ringwood North, Croydon back to the start point.

    Now for more details.
    Start Time is 1030
    all riders to be at start point no later than 1015
    Rider Briefing at 1015
    All riders to be geared up no later than 1025
    Corner markers will be used as will Tail end gunner
    No one is to overtake leader
    No one is to undertake anyone

    Some of the roads to be travelled are twisty and could still be damp and or mossy. Peoples discretion is to be exercised. The Ride Leader (ME) will not travel faster than posted limits.
    There are petrol stations near the start point BP and Mobil. Full Tanks are expected.
    If the weather is unfavourable then the ride will be cancelled.

    Rode this route yesterday. some notes on road conditions.
    Olinda Monbulk Rd - one very sharp hairpin corner, be careful
    Emerald Monbulk Rd - narrow, lots of bends some sharp, light gravel on surface, restraint will be exercised.
    Rest of ride conditions are pretty good, will have to watch what the weather brings during the week.
    there could be a fair bit of traffic as well.
    More details at the rider briefing on the day.

  2. Sounds good, I'm in.

    :D :D
  3. yep will be there. looking forawrd to it
  4. Sounds good. If my arse isn't too sore from the Sat ride. :)
  5. Man, this is in addition to the one on 3rd September. Better start sweet talkin' Mrs Nodz now if I want to go riding twice on the same weekend...:LOL:
  6. Woohoo sounds good scumbag. Especially the 1030 start :p

    BTW don't forget it's faddah's day :)
  7. Roger that...
    :D :D :D
  8. Quite easy really, those who have commitments will miss out. Those with the understanding families will be there.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Perfect father's day present....Honey, that can be my present...I'm going for a ride...I'll start working on it now...:LOL:
  10. I must have one of the most understanding families then....they moved out on me :oops: all the way overseas :p
  11. How lucky are you Minna? Man, I wish mine would move overseas. lol!!

    :D :D
  12. Lids, Do what I did, you move overseas and leave the other buggers behind...:LOL:
  13. Put me down for this one too.. 8)

    (On the same proviso as Bogus69 - that I can actually sit down still on Sunday! :wink: )
  14. If my first group ride goes well on the 3rd then i be there too.
    I dont have any family issues.......you guys are filling the family criteria at the moment so all is good.

    I hope i dont get sore ass on sat......!!!
  15. Sweet. Might have to clean my yellow 2001 VTR so you don't show me up. :p

  16. no martyH, if you don't like the day it's on go organise and start your own thread, don't SPAM others threads. :p :LOL: :wink:
  17. If I can get RWC and rego for the CBX 250 I'm in... otherwise I'm taking the VFR750 with the big boys...

    (all subject to avalability due to the fact it will be MY first fathers day)
  18. Noice one. :wink:
  19. Great stuff - I'd say you're 'nice' for organising this Brian - but we all know better :D
    Be there with bells on (just incase I get lost) :p