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[Melb] Sunday 15th Jan - Way out east ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by koma, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Ok, final details for the Way Out East ride... still not 100% confirmed on actual destinations or path as we'll confirm that with popular opinion (or dictatorship if you lot can't decide!) at Cranbourne McDonalds on Sunday morning.


    Date: Sun 15th January
    Time: Meet 10am / Depart 10:15am.
    Meet point: Cranbourne McDonalds.
    Destination: Korumburra, Leongatha, Warragul, and maybe Foster.
    Distance: ~350-500km's.
    Experience: Some twisty riding experience preferred, but we will wait for stragglers. ;)

    Scorpion (FZR250) [Pending his skydiving outing on Saturday]
    TBone (VFR750/CBX250... depends on what he's feeling like ;) )
    Bizz (FZR250)
    Squog's + 1 (VTR250)

    Koma (FZR1k)
    Tenoq (ZX9R)
    Outlore (ZZR250) + Other (CBR250RR)

    I know there's already the ride through the Spurs etc, but i decided to organise something else as i felt like something a little less populated and crowded. Feel free to come along both noob and vet - although some twisty experience should be a minimum. There will be atleast 1-2 L platers on FZR/CBR's but after going with a run with one of them last weekend am confident they won't be TOO far behind the pace.
  2. Sorry, probably heading out with ulysess along the same route ... might see you
    cheers, :)
  3. It appears this ride's leader has appropriated my attendance. :p

    Yeah, ok. Might come. Humbug. Spurs are fun. :(
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  5. Will see on sunday morning.
    Already said i would do spur run but going your way will be a lot of fun.
    If i dont make it take care on those roads i grew up down there, have to watch for animals all shapes and sizes, farm and local machinery, and milk tankers. My father drives down there and they are coming in and out all the time.
    well i might see u sun if not have fun
  6. Indeed brick! Whilst i didn't grow up on those roads i know them fairly well and know the potential hazards that lurk around every corner. I'd say that the hazards you listed plus cow pats, clay and the odd splash of diesel make for an 'alert' riding experience.

    More the merrier really. At the moment i think i've got 4 definites and a fair few maybes.
  7. Ok i'm in :grin: :grin: :grin: ,
    Bring a mate with me maybe 2
    see you around 10
  8. Good man. I was actually thinking something similar to the suggested route... but wasn't going to do Grand Ridge Road. Hmmm. Koma might have plans already, we'll see. :D
  9. Bahahaha... Koma doesn't have plans... Koma only has freesyle navigating! :grin: :p :LOL: :LOL:

    Good to hear we'll have a few more - if anyone knows the way then feel free to elect a route, otherwise i'll just head out to Korumburra and beyond... and keep following my nose or the twisty roads.
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  11. Cheers Mouth.
    Yeah i remember that ride fondly! :LOL:
    I think that was the one where i took the minor detour from that small country town as i missed the corner marker (or they'd just buggered off!). Ended up in Foster for lunch and got my meal before most of the others!

    I'm sure someone will have a map... right? :p
  12. Thanks guys had a great time
    Finally got home at 7.00, run back from the island was not much fun hope your way was better.
    catch you all next time.
    maybe i will take a map :grin:
  13. Now that would've just spoilt the fun - but in hindsight a bit more planning might have helped... although then we wouldn't have found that awesome little stretch down to that lovely beach... with another dead end! :? :LOL:

    Thanks for coming along everyone! Hope BanditR1 got back in time and everything was ok. I ended up going back in through Korumburra and up to Warragul (i love that road!) with Tenoq... and had a bit of a helter skelter run through there, although i stuck to the speed limits and hence Tenoq was waiting a while for me (no i wasn't riding like a pansy). :p

    Oh, and i got home just in time to be dragged off to those tango lessons in the Fitzroy Gardens... :wink: :grin:

    Seems like everyone had a good time so we'll have to do it again soon. Perhaps going out through Noojee and Icy Creek road then down to Korumburra next time.