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[Melb] Sun 12th June - Healsville - Marysville - Warby Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by warden, May 30, 2005.

  1. Ok folks, seems are few are up for this which is great. Hopefully the weather will hold out for us. I have the goats on order and will be sacrificing at midnight to the weather gods.

    Meet at: Outfront of Peter Stevens in Ringwood
    Time: 10am
    Date: 12th June 2005
    Depart: 10.15am
    Route: Straight up the Maroondah, through Lillydale to Healsville.
    Healsville up the Spur to Marysville.
    Lunch in Marysville
    Marysville up through to Reefton and to Warburton.
    Ride ends at Servo in Waburton, however most will be heading back in to wards Lillydale and Ringwood.
    There is a secondary meet point at the Ampol Servo in Healsville, at 11am.

    If there ends up being a few pulled up out front of PS, im on the Black Thundercat.

    Ok, we have
    From Netriders
    Jezza and Friend
    copper1000 Healsville

    From Overcra...err clockers
    R1_Lover Healsville
    XG8 Healsville
    vtrsteve Healsville

    Hope to see you all there.
  2. Well done guys.,

    OK, how about we stay in Marysville Saturday night at the Caravan park. Party on at the Neutral (biker) bar.... Awesome fun on a saturday night.

    Just a thoughts
  3. Sounds like it might be a nice ride, if it's a nice day I'd be up for it :)
  4.  Top
  5. sounds like a plan
  6. Could be, of course it is a fair way off yet, it is a long weekend, it might rain, it ... blah blah blah...
  7. Mr Mouth, are you trying to tell us somehting? :LOL:
  8. Put me down as a maybe. Will know closer to the date.

    :D :D
  9. Re: [Melb] Sun 12th June - Healsville - Marysville - Warby R

    hope you have better weather than we had last weekend
    when we (Kwaka riders) did the Two SPurs run.
    10km outta Marysville, the fog descended and we spent the next hour
    following, or trying to follow the white line at 20kmh thru the fog/mist/cloud
    ..not fun :evil:
    Both the Black Spur and Reefton were very slippery as well
    due to all the diesel that had been spilt
    there were lots of warning signs..OIL ON THE ROAD
    on both Spurs. WAtch out for them

  10. Ok, we have
    From Netriders
    (Not sure if it was a yes or no)

    From Overcra...err clockers
    Pro'My bike is yellow'FX
    XG'I hope it doesnt rain, again.'8
    War'It is a 250 officer'den
  11. Hey Warden,

    Depends on what we are actually doing???? Is the ride on:
    The weekend


  12. Sunday the 12th, Im unable to make the Saturday evening piserr...get together, however, if others want to make a go of it :) and meet up with us as we ride through marysville....all for it.
  13. Unfortunately weather is supposed to be pretty ordinary from Wednesday nighr onwards, including the weekend.
  14. Yeah its looking rather shitty, hopefully it clears. Final decision on if its a go will be posted Sunday morning I guess.
  15. weather is actually looking good with rain clearing Saturday, although the Reefton will be full of crap after the rain. Giving this some consideration after my Canberra run got cancelled due to Saturdays rain.
  16. Went up to Reefton last w/e, so I'll be giving this one a miss (particularly as it'll probably still be damp up there) - rather head for some nice sweepers instead.

  17. Apparently, raining on Saturday 17degrees, mostly sunny Sunday 15degrees...

    So, maybe Sir Skuffy, you want to swap the saturday ride and combine with this one? Just a thought.
  18. Its going to be a sedate ride for myself, im going to be two up. And knowing the spur, it'll be slippery. Already pulled a couple of bikes out of ditches up there in the last month, so im going to take it easy. Hopefully the weather is good.
  19. *bumpy*

    Sound's like it won't be raining so I should be up for this one!

  20. Won't be raining but will still be slippery up the Reefton. I think I'll try to get out earlier with some guys from OSB and stay away from the mountains.

    They were saying the roads were OK to the picnic grounds on the Black Spur. They went yesterday after some decent weather....

    :D :D :D