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[Melb] Suggestions for free/cheap public spaces to hold meetings

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Hi Melbournite Folks,

    I'm looking for suggestions for publically available spaces (free/cheap) in and around Melbourne in which community groups can hold gatherings or meetings of various sizes. 10 - 100 people.

    The City of Melbourne council has a program where they will sponsor town hall rooms for community groups, so I'm aware of those.

    Does Netrider land Melbourne know of others?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Are you looking for public open space or venues with facilities?

  3. Not sure of the cost but the Victorian Concert Orchestra is custodian of a National Trust building at 239 A'Beckett Street Melbourne, VIC 3000 which has a rehearsal hall but it is flexible space. http://www.victorianconcertorchestra.org.au/contact.htm

    We geeky linux people have also used the Buzzard theatre at the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing Training Room, 110 Victoria Street, Carlton South. I believe RMIT is the managing body there.
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  4. What area are you looking at?
  5. Most Scout Halls are available for hire, depending on the time and expected use.
    Many Macca's will now open their party room free for business meetings.
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  6. I know you've said you know about the MCC option but I can highly recommend docklands library, if the meeting is during their hours. A group I'm involved with use it and it's great because it also has video conference facilities if you want to have powerpoint presentation or special guest/presenters via skype.

    There's also a cafe onsite, and loads of eateries close by. Has public transport access & plenty of footpath bike parking, cars can be an issue though.

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  7. Venue, indoor, facilities preferred.
  8. All over. Central location to start with.
  9. community houses, are low cost options if not free. Generally The Local Council, or non-profit is in charge of those
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  10. As cjvfrcjvfr mentioned - you could try to book some of the larger teaching spaces at one of the CBD campuses.

    I worked at Melb Uni for a number of years and still have contacts there, I can enquire for you if you'd like? Let me know
  11. Mate that would be great. Thanks Bitstar.
  12. robsalvvrobsalvv Try the Whitehorse Club in Burwood East. Easy access, loads of parking and they are looking for people to use the spaces available. Also has a full bar ;)
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