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[melb] stumbled upon a knocked over bike, should i have picked it up?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chrissybenn, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. just quickly popped into a 7/11 on queens street tonight to grab a redbull after work, and was about to leave when i noticed a red BMW r1200gs(or very similar) laying down across the road in the MC parking..

    went over to it, parked my bike a few spaces down and had a good look at it.

    thought ah stuff it, may aswell help someone out. went to pick it up and nearly did a hernia. finally got it up, noticed there was only a slight graze on the barend, and a slight graze on the brake lever. owner might not even notice the damage at all really.

    what would you do in this situation? whats the general etiquite??

    also, if it was your bike, you now have my details(i left a note and took photos), and i can also provide details of the scooter with damage that was parked opposite.

  2. personally, I would leave it unless it was really necessary to move it (e.g. kitten trapped underneath it).

    * the owner/witnesses may accuse you of knocking the bike over in the first place.
    * you may drop it again when trying to lift it (you have to know how - search NR for the thread on picking up a dropped bike easily)
    * the owner may want to see the 'scene of the crime' and take photos or something, at least better to leave the 'crime scene' untouched.

    my 2c.
  3. please leave it next time.

    if you dropped it, and caused more damage, i'd be devastated, as would any other owner.

    leave a note, but if it's at the 7/11, they probably, hopefully, have surveillance cameras.
  4. I'd probably have done what you did, although spawn has a point. Leaving it may cause more problems for the owner eg. spilt battery acid, fuel. I think I'd have left it or got help to lift it to avoid re-dropping it.
  5. yeah, or this. getting help and having 2 or more people lifting it is good.

    so long as it's picked up in one go, not up a little bit, it's heavy quick down pick it up, too heavy and down and finally fully up.

    make sure note is OBVIOUS and will not fly away!!!!

    if you have time, preferably, wait around for owner to come back. did you go into the 7/11 to ask people?
  6. I'd probably pick it up if it was leaking fluids, or just in the way of another bike or something but since you took pictures, left your details & left the details of the scooter whom may[noy] be invloved I probably would of picked it up with the help of another person if available.

    On a side note do people many of you have something like a tag with your name/mobile on your bike so if something like this happens a person can call you to come pick it up?
  7. It's a BMW, it was sleeping and u woke it up
  8. If it was my bike on the ground, I would want it left alone.
    If I came around the corner and here you were struggling to right my bike I would go nuts.
    If it were me I would have riden over to it and given it ten if I had the time for the owner to show up and help him pick it up. And thank fak it's not my bike.
  9. I don't know. I would've tried to find the owner, maybe in nearby shops.

    If I couldn't I probably would've picked the bike up, after enlisting some help if necessary.

    If it were my bike, I'd rather it got picked up.
  10. Pick it up, ask others to help so you don't drop it again.

    If its there long enough there wont be any fuel left in the tank. That would suck coming back to a fallen bike and it not having petrol as well.

    I have come back twice to my bike knocked over I would have preferred it to be upright. I have picked up bikes/scooters as well.
  11. If it's Charlie Boreman's GS, that's it's normal position.

    I'd have set fire to it.
  12. People who worry about negative consequences for themselves make me sad.

    I picked one up a few weeks ago and left a note with all the details I had. Though, I'm very tall and ate all my spinach as a child so picking up bikes is trivial for me. Of course, if you're likely to drop it again then don't. But if people knock a bike over that's upright what do you think they'll manage to do to one that is lying down. :shock:
  13. Personally I wouldn't pick it up as I wouldn't trust myself not to damage it further. But should someone more able than me pick it up...

    Hmmm, I'm torn on this one.

    Not too long ago someone knocked my bike over but it was standing when I got to it. I'm pretty sure it was not the person who knocked it over that picked it up for me.

    One the one hand I was extreemly happy someone had picked it up as I would not have been too happy to have to do it myself. On the other hand I do think they may have caused more damage to it when they picked it up and it also took me a while to realise it had been knocked over - at first I thought someone had just scraped the side of it. Had I have known, I would have thought twice about riding off on it before doing a thorough check.

    I reckon only pick it up if you know what you're doing and really confident you won't cause more damage and ideally leave a note.
  14. ill just reiterate, it was one of the corner 7/11's in the city at 1am. it wasnt a petrol station or anything, just like one of those milk bar's. no surveillance anywhere. i lifted it up in 1 clean lift using that method actually. only took me 5 mins because i didnt even move it the first time seeing as it was so damn heavy. looked like it had been there a few hours as there was some fluid marks on the ground, but they had almost dried up
  15. well, I would want to pick it up, but I think the best things to do would be to leave it, maybe check the fuel is off etc. Imagine doing your back in for the owner who may not appreciate your intentions. Its a tough one.
  16. It is a tough one, I would pick it up if it was a 250 or a vtr like mine, as I know I can lift it 100% of the time without a problem, if not I would get someone to help me. If someone came over and gave me a hard time about it I would explain the situation, and if they still were pissed off I would tell them to bugger off.
    I for one would be thankful if someone picked up my bike, but it would be pointless unless you leave a note or it would end up like our situation, were we didn't even realise it had been lying there for a night until I noticed the bent frame, out of alignment wheel and dent in the tank from the handlebars using it as a pillow. (afterwards some staff let me know)

    My girlfriends vtr250 suffered a lot more damage then it should have from spending a night on its side, so there is a downside to leaving certain models 'sleeping'.

    Its a touchy issue...
  17. You did the right thing Chrissy,

    ... and encore to The Snow Dog.

    What's wrong with you guys, isn't it obvious that the right thing to do is pick it up and not leave it lying there?
  18. Its a bit of a moot point in this instance because beemer twins don't actually fall over, they lean on their rocker covers.
  19. I sure that's the general sentiment, as it is mine.

    Sadly, things are going the way that it seems increasingly likely that going and picking up someone's unattended bike could bite you on the arse.

    Case by case and your call, I'd say.

    Even a trained 1st Aider has no obligation to assist an injured person, but at least they're protected somewhat by the Good Samaritan law.