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[Melb] strong winds today (2nd April '08)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. And wouldn't you know, I got a phone call about my new ride I've been expecting for a week or so now. Not definite yet but I'm not sure what's gonna be worse, new bike with new tyres and 100kph winds or the rain that's expected on Thursday or Friday :facepalm:
  2. what wind???


    Blue Boule ... ask em to buff your tyres...
  3. speaking of weather, was anyone riding over the bolte bridge this morning at about 7.20am? Sure high winds, but the view was AMAZING!


    edit: yeah the yellow was red a little before
  4. I saw that view ^^^ from taylors lakes this morning except the blue was a fleuro orange...magnificent
  5. Definitely the rain would be worse, on new tyres.
  6. Those are some awesome pics!

    I was walking inside last night at about 7:30pm, and was looking at the sky. Just looked so calm and beautiful :)
  7. It certainly is amazing weather.

    It was such a glorious day yesterday, so peaceful up the black spur.
  8. I was walking down Collins St at lunchtime and helped pick up a scooter which had tipped over in the wind.

    My scooter is parked outside work and I am checking every so often to make sure it hasn't ended up on its side as well.
  9. Our deck roof has started to collapse due to the excess winds.
    I've shored it up for now but it's gonna be a nervous wait till the wind swings around.
    Gotta take it apart this weekend now :evil:
  10. sooo paranoid about my bike... there has already been a branch down blocking 2 lanes on flemington road... and my bike's under a tree :shock:
  11. A tree has just come down on Collins Street - Out the front of Kokoblack - looks like it's hit 1 bike (a naked of some sort), 3 scooters and a BMW
  12. Aye, leaving in half an hour to pick her up. Hopefully I'll beat the rain that seems to be coming in on the weather map ...
  13. A whole bunch of poor buggers bikes have been blown over on Southbank during lunch as well. Mine was still standing round the corner last time I checked and am just hoping it stays like that.

    Not sure if really want to ride home over the Bolte in this after work though :(

  14. :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Damn, and there's most likely one of them that doesn't have comp (of course not beamer but hey, one of them)

    Duka, which way do you head over te bolte? I leave parkville at about 5.15 to head over the bridge... scared a little but slowness will be for the win.
  15. My housemate and I are just gearing up to go over the westgate and Bolte a couple times just to experience this shit. Wish us luck haha!
  16. I head from Southbank side over bolte in direction towards Airport, yeah am thinking slow going will be the way to go, either that or if looks too bad when leave (generally around 6 to 6:30) I'll go through city instead.
  17. Thanks, heading out for a look now :LOL:
  18. They are planning on closing the Bolte and Westgate bridge.
    yes, definately going to be an interesting ride home tonight.
  19. Our neighbour's power line is hanging half way down from the pole.
    Tried 000 couldn't get through :shock:

    Imagine someone with a heart attack waiting to get through
    If a high vehicle comes though it will take the cable with it.
    Tried ringing United energy can't get through.
    Neighbour is not in town atm.
    Tried local cops they said ring power company.
    I said don't you guys have some sort of different coms you can get the message through?
    Nope she says,.
    Must be utter chaos out there.