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Melb Street Riders - Music video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    A Music video of Last Friday Nights Meet,

    Tittled: A Riders Life.


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  2. Jesus how many views in 4 days!!! Wow!
    That's one crazy vid :)
  3. i wonder if they think hes as big a dick as we do
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  4. I wonder how many times he has watched it himself ?
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  5. Kudos to his mum, she's hit the play button 19,000 times.
  6. Didn't the last video he posted show he is expecting a 12 month he suspension after his court date ?
  7. Pretty sure his last vid said he was quitting work to ride bikes??
  8. @ariderslife
    Your video description talks about this being a charity ride to raise awareness for the White Ribbon Foundation.
    Can you show me in the video where that happened?
    Otherwise it might be a good gesture to remove that association from your clip description.
  9. nah mick it was a chastity ride
  10. Yeah im confused where the charity part of this ride is, unless he is donating the money he gets from his youtube channels to the charity?¿
  11. No confusion as it isn't there
    If he was don't you think he would have mentioned it !?

    The term 'riding in on someone else's coat tails' springs to mind.
  12. 48 seconds in, right glove on first couldn't bring myself to watch any more :bolt:
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  13. You are implying i intend to profit from a charity and that i am unjust. No i dont intend to profit from a charity.

    I went on a ride with the MSR to the HWY meet, then rode around with mates after that.

    If i wanted to make a video about me donating to the charity / cause @ HWY meet, then i would have a video titled
    " RIding for Charity"

    I made this video for fun, i dont see why you can't see that.
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  14. Do you make money / receive an income from your YouTube channel ?

    The description clearly mentions you are on a charity ride to raise awareness for the White Ribbon Foundation.

    If it is just you riding along with a group of riders then hanging out with mates then that may be a more apt description. Remember we are talking about your description, not the title.
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  15. Looks like his ride has raise awareness of White Ribbon given we are now talking about it.
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  16. So what have you learnt from the video and this amazingly indepth conversation ?
  17. I now know the charity exists... and since you have posted that I've googled... looks like a good cause
  18. sooo how much did you donate?
  19. I didn't donate anything, I support other charities.
  20. Do you have it out for me Mick? seems that you like to nip-pick at every little thing i write, say or do.

    Would you prefer that i change the title in the video description to something like

    MelbourneMick is upset at his own life and wanted to vent, so he decided that because i mentioned a charity in my video description that it should be removed.