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[MELB]Stolen Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dibszxr, May 29, 2006.

  1. Howdy... always meant to join netrider, just wish it was under better conditions...
    This morning (Monday 29th May), my 1996 ZX6R Ninja was stolen. This is the second time this has happened to me with the same bike.
    It was stolen between 10pm and 5am Monday morning from Templeton Cresent in Pakenham (south east Victoria). It is green at the front and white at the back, with a square patch of primer on the left tank and large patch of primer on the right fairing.
    Any info/help would be greatly appreciated 'coz last time the cops didnt even do a door knock, a few 10 year olds had to find it :shock: .
    P.S. If you see it crashed with some guy lying near by, kick him in the head.

    Thanks again guys,

    Dyllon. 0438016751

  2. Hi Dyllan, not good news.

    It might be a good idea to let the local bike shops know as well, as they may look to offload it. I work at a bike shop, so will let them know down here for you.

    Hope it turns up in one piece.

    Is it insured?
  3. Sorry to hear it mate.... after having 2 bikes stolen myself in the space of 1 year, I know your pain!

    I'm not surprised the filth didn't do a door knock. They didn't even come out to my place when I reported the bike stolen on each occasion.
    Face it, the cops only collect revenue now, there's no money in catching crims!

    Hey he'll probably have a helmet on... Mind if I kick him in the nuts on your behalf instead?
  5. nuts will do just fine... unfortunately it was not insured... still saving up for that as I only got the bike back on the road less than a month ago. I really should invest in a proper lock and a 9mm...
  6. Chain a dirty great angry rottweiler to it...

    be careful it doesn't pull your bike over scaring off would be thiefs though :LOL:

    Not good mate, I feel sorry for ya
  7. twice in a row. evil. time to start parking it in your bedroom i think.

    next time i'm at uni in berwick i will keep my eyes open. got its licence plate details? half the time they're to stupid to change them.
  8. i feel for ya mate, that really sucks. HOpe you get it back soon.

    But no insurance AND no lock :shock:
  9. Welcome to the forums dibszxr. Crap news on the theft tho :( We are in the SE suburbs so will keep an eye out for you, but I don't like your chances :(
  10. Damn, my old man lives in the same street. I'll talk to him later tonight and see if he heard anything during the night.
  11. Hi dude, live close by, will also keep an eye out.

  12. Mate, firstly they dont and wont door knock for a stolen bike. I had a bike pinched from the city and the cops came to my work to do the report. They were so disinterested it wasnt funny. There was even a news stand near where the bike got pinched and the news stand owner saw the guys putting it into a van. He didnt get rego but still saw them. I told the cops this and would have thought they would chat to him after me. Did they? NO!!! The best they could do was tell me that I had a very very slim chance of ever seeing the bike. I never did get it back. So the fact you had it pinched once and were lucky enough to get it back, the odds are now stacked way against you for ever seeing it again.
    Calling bike shops etc is useless cos no one sells hot bikes or parts to bike stores. Its probably been parted out to fix another one like it that someone has binned.
    I hope you get it back dude, but I wouldnt be holding my breath.
  13. UPDATE!!!!
    Bike was seen today in Pakenham (Monday June 5th) at approx 2pm riding along Barrington drive, turning left at Racecourse road, right at Bald Hill rd and through the shopping centre before he took off.
    Rider was wearing blundstones, blue jeans and black leather jacket.
    Anyone here or has friends in/near Barrington drive is urged to keep an eye/ear out, as a bike was also heard starting up near there. My sister heard it and said it sounded like mine. Long shot but worth attention.

    A less reliable source also puts it riding towards Pakenham along Kooweerup rd last week with pillion.

    Below is a link to a recent pic. Note: Primer patch is also on right fairing...
  14. You should employ a private investigator to suss it out for you.

    I charge $100 an hour but if you have a membership card I'll do it for $75 an hour ;)

  15. My daughter lives near there, i'll e-mail her the pic. I work in Morwell so i'll kep my eye open up and down the highway for ya. have my size 9's ready if i see the ass hole laying on the road (ok size 8ts then)
  16. Ringing bike shops does actually help, a guy up here got his bike back after it had broken down and was stolen. Theives indirectly contacted the shop i worked for for parts, boss put two and two together, he got his bike back and the theives were charged.

    It's always worth a try.

    I'll 2nd that motion!

    Have you rung Pakenham Motorcycle Wreckers & notify all the local servo's, if he's still riding it he won't think twice about stealing fuel for a stolen bike! Good Luck mate!
  18. Got family that live in Paky also... just emailed them a pic of your bike and they'll keep a look out and call me if they see it or hear of it!!

    Hope you get it back, and if you do then I think it's time for some decent bike security :wink:
  19. yes a big f**k off lock is def. on the list.
    Im shattered that everyone I know is seeing it but me :shock:
    A trip to talk to the posties and taxi drivers is on my list next, hand them out photos 'coz they're on the road pretty often.
    Can't wait till I see him riding past me, my car will magically turn into a Volvo :twisted: