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[Melb] Spurs run, Wed 20th Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' started by gsxr1000, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Black Spur run 2morro (Wednesday 20th)....

    If anyone is interested, meet point is going to be the Caltex servo at Healesville around 9'ish......

    First run will be to the Black Spur Roadhouse for a coffee and to see if Ray wants to come out and play..... :LOL:

    Forecast for Wednesday
    Dry, with areas of smoke haze possible. Cloud clearing to a mainly sunny
    afternoon. Light to moderate east to southeast winds, freshening in southern

    Precis: Dry.
    City: Min 13 Max 31

  2. Hey Graeme, I'll see you at the Caltex servo tomorrow morning....

    ...9am, hey?? Hmmm.... I'll do my best. :) Keep an eye out for a green ninja, yeah?

    Catch you then!
  3. Dot! You finally got one? Can't be late now. :grin: hehe

    have fun now ya hear...
    need ride report when you're done dood.

  4. You got it Scheff - I'll post the details of how many pieces my baby gets smashed into when I come off, practising some new cornering techs, and she hits a tree at 120km/hr..!! hahaha

    Woo hoo, twisties!

    Call in sick, Scheff, you know you want to!! It's not a new job anymore... :twisted:
  5. Dot, i'd love to buddy, you know i would. Quit teasing me. :p
    At the moment i have to live vicariously through other riders.
    I've been watching Cathars vids over and over pretending i was there.
    Sad really. (don't pity me) :roll:
    Damn, i thought i was getting a sniffle, but it's just me sobbing
    The call is getting stronger......soon....
    What days have you got off over Christmas?

  6. Mate, the call is too much... you cannot resist..!!

    You are overcome by an urge you know so well...(The only real urge you know that doesn't involve the ladies)... You find, even as you think about tomorrow, you are standing near the front door with your bike key in hand and your helmet on.... "How did that happen?", you ask yourself.

    The sunshine, the country air, the corners..... those perfect corners....!!

    My god, I want it now!!

    Alternatively, if your will-power is that great and you are able to resist the extreme draw of tomorrow's ride, I am free Xmas day, Boxing day, and the day after Boxing day. I will be keen for a ride on any of those days - just give me some warning so I can try and sober up a bit before hand.

    Cheers mate, see you tomorrow!

  7. should see you there iin the morning, providing i get out of work on time.
  8. another fantastic morning ride, a little smoky but..... :wink:
    thks dot, ajayvr and Raphael for the company, I had a gr8 time..
    It would be good to see dot and ajayvr on few more rides...hopefully we can get back up the spur next week for another morning run....
  9. Yes it was a great ride this morning graeme. apart from those logging trucks and the wayward white landcruiser the roads were fairly clear.

    it was good to meet the three of you and cheers for the cuppa raphael.

    next week sounds like a plan mate.
  10. What a top couple of hours. Thank you Gentlemen. See you all again..Cheers Ray :cool:
  11. Yeah, thanks guys for the ride - I'll definately be up for another next week if any of you are free!

    Don't know if Ray told you guys, but on his way back to pick up his phone, Ray found me trying to pull my bike out of a ditch...

    Object fixation.

    I learned my lesson.

    I'm gonna try and hit the Spur again Friday arvo (bout 5pm). I was feeling really good and cornering pretty well just before I decided to watch the corner I thought I was going to go wide on, then did.

    Only plastic damage to my bike and no harm to me, other than my dignity.
  12. ouch, that sucks mate, but glad to hear you are ok.

    that object fixation bizness sucks doesn't it, it sounds so easy - you just have to make yourself look where you need to go, but its hard when your pointing at the side of the road already. you were just saying before we left that you were enjoying the corners alot on the final run, i hope it doesn't dent your confidance too much.
  13. Yo Dot. I thought I would let you spill the beans...
    Glad your heading back soon.
    When the going gets tuff. The tuff get going.
    Good on you. :cool: