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[Melb] Spurs run, Tues 9 Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Going to do a spurs run today seeing as it's nice weather and not too hot :grin: Anybody wanna tag along?

  2. Woulda loved to had i not woken up at 11:45. :p
    Enjoy the run, looks like a nice day for it.
  3. Well, the OP was made only 30 mins ago.

    I was thinking of going for a ride. Might see you up there.
  4. Hmm... there appears to be a glitch in the Matrix... :oops:
    edit: Who woulda thought you needed to manually change your time-zone for daylight savings.
  5. :cry:

    Would have loved to come along! Only just finished work and about to have luncheon..

    Then heading out Kinglake :wink:

    Enjoy the spurs! Wish I coul've made it.. Kinglake will just have to do *pouts*
  6. Well I'm heading out now. Be there by around 2:45 at the Caltex.
  7. Have fun i will probably go for a run tommorow :grin:
  8. 2:45?! I could have just met you there!

    *sigh* oh well, next time..