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[MELB] Spontaneous ride 25/4. get up and going NOW.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by SOBIL, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Im organising a ride today at short notice, have a few people that have "confirmed".

    MEET: Lilydale McDonalds
    CRITERIA:Full tanks + Full tummies

    WHEN: 9:30 meetup. 10:00 sharp leave

    STYLE: casual ride, suitable for 250's, not suitable for people uncomfortable with riding twisty roads, road conduct is your own responsibility.

    WHERE: Most likely to include:



    edit: mob # removed as no longer req
  2. man im free tomorrow if u want to do this again lol
    :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Troy is busy test riding a Harley today :) :p
  4. as much as i enjoyed riding the cruiser thing .... nothing beats the sound nor the speed as a sports bike...
    maybe when i get to about 70 ill look at a cruiser :LOL:
  5. Ahhhh, so you're getting in a week early by shopping for a cruiser now ey?
  6. well to be truthful vic if i had the money mate ill take one of those 1800 shadow.. and tour australia in it
    but also there would be a
    a gsxr 1000 or somthing along those line
    and a probably somthing i would ride everyday maybe a BMW thingo
    :grin: :LOL:
  7. Just a quick report.

    Weather was looking pretty ordinary at 9:45 and we just about retired there and then and commited to beers on the couch at Kieths. However we pushed on and left just a bit after 10:00. 4 of us in total. It looked as if it would be a cold wet ride but as soon as we hit yarra glen the cloud and fog lifted to give us a glorious day.

    We went up through kinglake and down to healville by chum creek road which i must say was lovely, dry and clean. From healsville we headed up the black spur, after a few near missus with some guys who decided that they wanted to be infront of us, we made it to marysville. we then decided that reefton was going to be a bit much and mostlikely in a poor state so pushed on as far as the reefton turnoff before turning around and heading back to marysville for a coffee and some grub.

    After some tucker we head down the black spur home only to find that we wanted just a little bit more, so we did another run up and back the open lower section. After that we pulled the pin and went our seperate ways. Tiny and I tried mt dandenong which was a complete waste of time with all the traffic.

    Good day out, and I must say thanks to the guys for some good company, and thanks to all the faces that made it a good day(not that they would be reading netrider).

    I will be organising a slightly bigger ride of similar characteristics for the 7th of May. STAY TUNED

    "we" includes
    BRUCE(non netrider)
  8. Who's the "we" in that report? :)
  9. Ugh, you really do pick your days don't ya!
    The one weekend i'm completely out of action... and you go and organise another ride i can't make! :p

    Ah well, there'll come a time. :oops:
  10. i think passed you guys going through the black spur, well i passed a bike with plate SOBIL, through the bottom part of the spur before the picnic ground.

    hope its not me your talking about with your near misses. what bikes were they riding?

    you guys just need to learn to crack the throttle open a bit earlier :wink:
  11. Don't really want to start pointing fingures at anybody, coz its not worth it.

    For interests sake i will say that whilst we were riding along there were a couple of bikes in the tail end of the pack which past us that were obviously not as quick or as smooth as those leading and were taking some seriously big risks to keep up with the front.

    I was a little offended by some of the bigger bikes that have incredible acceleration and the ability to overtake with ease in much safer places; shoving it up the inside and crossing my line, but then i have done some stupid shit like that so i hold no grudges. I just hope one day i am quick enough that i don't have to put up with it.

    Tiny i think was saying that sombody nearly colected him whilst fcuking up an over taking manover. A few of the guys i was chatting to at the picnic ground later that day were also disapointed by the conduct of some of the riders out today.

    I'm not a very quick rider and i have had a few to many stacks to start pushing my limits by cracking it open any earlier than i feel comfortable. With time i will nodoubt inprove on my corner speed.

    cheers SOBIL