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[Melb] Speed Camera in South Yarra?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ZeldaGirl, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Uh-oh. :cry:

    Can anyone tell me if there is a speed camera at the intersection of Domain & Punt Rds in South Yarra? I know it was a green light as I was heading through, so I'm not worried that I was flashed for running a red light, but I'm sure it double-flashed and I'm sure it was me that caused it to go off, and I'm sure it was because I was possibly, potentially, ummm, perhaps way over the speed limit. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. Yep, according to the Roadwatch website there's a fixed speed camera there :(.
  3. Thought so. :cry: :cry: :cry:

  4. IS that ummm.. 50 kph in domain? Hey what happens where a street with a 50 kph sign crosses one with a 60 sign? Can you go 50 one way and 60 the other? Can you hit 60 for the exact second you are in the intersection then back to 50?
  5. Don't get too pesemistic. It may 1) have not got your number cos a head on shot
    2) as above cos a side on shot
    3) been just a bad photo
    4) been out of film. As far as I know the flashes always run film or not. That may not be true of the new ones but it might.
    5) been someone else on your bike, Quick loan it to someone.

  6. ahhhhh craaaaap!!!

    I got a double flash from a red light cam on warrigul road, only red light violation came in the mail though (I was about 15km over limit)...

    you could get lucky ?!
  7. The new combo (speed & red light) camera are digital in that they don't have film but send the pic via a link to a central computer somewhere similar to e-mail.
  8. Bugger hey.

    Mind you if its digital its easy to tamper with :) WOnder if anyone has fought em on that basis.

    And I spose the puter might have crashed :)
  9. and its one of those high-tech ones. gets you anytime of day or night for redlight running or speeding.
  10. Yeah I was heading North so it got me from behind. I had another rider following me so I'm really hoping that the photo is obscured. But I know it was for me and not the other rider. I was banking on it being a 60km zone - is it 50km? :cry: That would be even worse. I don't think I was doing 100km p/h but there's a good chance I was doing 90km. If you are over 25km but under 35km its a 1 month suspension, and for 35-45km it's a 6 month suspension. It would kill me if I got a 6 month susp. I need my license for work. I'm really p1ssed off with myself cos I should have known better. I mean, I DO know better.

    It looks like it's a new camera so it would be digital I presume. How long do you think before I know? There's a system where you can ring VicRoads and find out how many demerit points you have, so far I am not registered as having any but then again it only happened last night.
  11. *must remember to crawl along that area* it's just around the corner from me.. :\
  12. I got done by a red-light combo camera aaaaages ago. It took a couple of weeks to get the thing in the mail. I don't know how they handle suspensions.

    Mate, that was a plain stupid speed to be doing in the city.

    Ya bozo!
  13. I know! I just know. :oops:
  14. Demerit points are added after you have expedited the infringement.

    You may get lucky, I was flashed twice and never did get the fine.

    And the one I wanted to contest i'm still waiting for the court date. That one was back in 2001 :)
  15. Fingers crossed...very hard. :roll:
  16. Ummmm, isn't the saying, "fingers crossed, legs never"?

    But yeah, good luck
  17. Lol, surely that doesn't apply to me!
  18. I think I've seen somewhere you can apply to have the fine waived on a number of conditions, including first offence (if you're saying you don't have any points)? Might be lucky there also.
  19. Really? Oooh I will give that a go. I've been a good little girl so far. :eek:
  20. Only if its a small infringement, not if its one where you flew past a camera bordering on MachIII