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[Melb] Speed camera farce nets 1000

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. MORE than 1000 Victorians have been wrongly booked by speed cameras in a string of bungles that have threatened the operator's $460 million contract.

    The State Government has hit Tenix Solutions with a six-figure fine for the errors.

    It fined the company after it discovered Victoria Police withdrew 1130 speed camera tickets because operators employed by Tenix made mistakes setting up their cameras.

    On 13 occasions, operators either set up their cameras in the wrong speed zone or failed to ensure there were no objects such as metal fences which could distort readings.

    The mistakes occurred in 2004 and last year on suburban and country roads and major arterials.

    On each occasion, Victoria Police's traffic camera office sent out letters telling motorists not to pay their fines or offering refunds if they had paid.

    The worst bungle was on the Hume Highway at Craigieburn on March 23, 2004, when 303 tickets were wrongly issued after the operator incorrectly set up the camera.

    Another 250 tickets were withdrawn after an operator set up a camera incorrectly on Bolton Rd, Wyndham Vale, on June 16 last year.

    With the average speed camera fine in Victoria $160, the 1130 cancelled fines would have raised about $180,000.

    Speed cameras generate $130 million for the Government each year.

    The bungles were discovered in an audit and, on about six occasions, Tenix failed to tell the Government its mistakes.

    The discovery has so infuriated the Government it plans to put the lucrative five-year speed camera contract out for tender when it expires next year, and force Tenix to reapply for it along with other competitors.

    Tenix would be likely to win the next contract, but it is believed the Government plans to toughen penalty clauses to make it easier for the operator to be penalised if mistakes are made.

    Police Minister Tim Holding confirmed the Government had fined Tenix when it discovered the errors.

    "We have been unsatisfied with Tenix's conduct in relation to these matters and so we have penalised them," he said.

    "I'm not willing to disclose the amount but it is a six-figure sum.

    "This is an amount that reflects out disappointment in what has happened.

    "Our advice from Tenix is that systems and procedures have since been put into place to minimise the chances of similar errors occurring."

    Police Assistant Commissioner (traffic) Noel Ashby said human error would always occur.

    He said police would withdraw tickets if they believed they were wrongly issued.

    "It's all part of us saying that, if the guidelines in the system weren't followed properly, we will withdraw," he said.

    No comment could be obtained from Tenix last night.
  2. I hope nobody lost there Licence > Job > House > wife as a consequence of this!
  3. wish my speeding fines got withdrawn :/
  4. Any wonder Tenix lost the shipping contract in Williamstown!

    Idiot company run by idiots.
  5. Is it the same parent company? Its certainly not the same management as Williamstown.
    That was the only example I know of of a major defence contract, or a major goverment contract for that matter delivered on time and on budget.

    Thats why they didnt get the submarine or patrol boat contracts. Cannot have that sort of thing happening. Might lead to people expecting it or something.
  6. afaik it's the same company but obviously the cameras are an offshoot of the ship building company.
    If what you said is true then they should just stick to building ships.
  7. afaik it's the same company but obviously the cameras are an offshoot of the ship building company.
    If what you said is true then they should just stick to building ships.
  8. oh, wait a minute, it's okay for supposedly "infallible" speed camera's operators to make mistakes, but not for drivers to make mistakes (like a couple of km/h over the limit)

    But they can't possibly withdraw the tickets, because speed kills and speed enforcement is infallible!

  9. Sure they will withdraw tickets :shock: after you write a letter ,go to court sell your first born, have a witness to confirm your speed, gps test your speedo,supply stat dec and pay for your solicitor :p
  10. Of course it was true. I said it and therefore it is so :)

    But you would be right

    Shame that as of last week they are pretty much out of business. Last ANSUZ frigate delivered on time and on budget.