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[Melb] Spanner Night Wed 7th Basic Service - Tarneit

Discussion in 'VIC' started by port80, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. As per this thread.

    It will start after 5:30pm on Wed 7th Jan at my house in Tarneit.

    If you have work to do to you bike let me know and we should be able to fit it in that night too.

    If we run out of stuff I might even put the braided brake lines on my bike.

    Please PM me if you're coming, that way I can figure out what to do about food.
  2. bike advice/work

    Rats, would have loved to come down. Busy that evening. How often do you do this?


  3. Not often enough ;)

    There was a series of spanner nights held weekly throughout Melbourne, but they're no longer regular. I might try to host a spanner night once a month after I get my project bike.
  4. Wednesdays, especially the 1st one of the month are often out for me. Can I have the address please, just in case I can make the first hour of it?

    Gl getting it going again.


  5. LizzyM and I will be there. Will have a go at tretensioning LizzyM's chain. Chain tensioning is a black art I have always wanted to have a go at.

    Depending on time and what others are doing may also change her brake fluid.

    Speaking of which didn't Dan have a whole bunch of maintenance tasks to do, including changng brake fluid. Bet he still hasn't changed the air in his tyres either.

    Doubt if we can make it before 6pm though.
  6. I'd love to rock up and lend a hand.
    I'm in Hoppers so if you need any tools just PM me.
    ps. where is it? :?:
  7. Any chance of slipping a fork oil + seal change in there? I've never done it before, so have been delaying it all this time but I reckon a few heads might make it easier ...(or harder, depending on the 'head')
  8. madmaxoz, will pm you tomorrow with the address.

    GreyBM, brakes & chain will be fine. I don't have clear tubing though. Dan hasn't changed the air in his tyres, he's still stumped as to how to get the water in there to flush out the old stale air.

    fastfreddygassit, will also shoot you a pm with address tomorrow.

    say_wat, to be honest I'm not 100% sure about the forks, it's outside of what I would be capable of in one night. As I'm on early shifts I'd like to be finished by 9:30-10. I'm planning on doing my forks in about a month, I was going to set aside a full day and maybe have another spanner day then.
  9. I'd like to turn up to this spanner night too.
    Would you be willing to PM me your address?
  10. Yes, I was a little uncertain since forks require more time. Perhaps we can organise another spanner day in a couple of weeks for forks, depending on availabilities. Are you concrete on a month or think you'd be up for it in a week or two?
    I'll start a new thread for this and see if theres more interest.
  11. Vic Slick, will do tomorrow.

    say_wat, I doubt I'll get to mine inside of a month as my calendar is looking full already.
  12. port80 No probs on the tubing, I borrowed some from Cam from when he replaced his brake lines. I can probably scrounge up a vegemite jar as well.
  13. Dont worry about the glassware BM.
  14. Excellent. I might bring that vest over then ;)
  15. seeings i live across the road and all, i really dont have an excuse not to turn up lol.
  16. Can do Vic.
  17. All PM's should be sent, let me know if anybody missed out.
  18. A few quick shots of the spanner night.






    Thank you to our host for the use of his premises and I look forward to another in the future. :wink:
  19. Thanks for the loan of the garage and the advice on chain adjustment. Another successful spanner night and good fish and chips to go with it.

    The brakes seemed to work on the way home so I guess we didn't stuff up too badly. Mind you, maybe we should have practiced on the yellow beastie first instead of making the mighty CB the ginnea pig. Oh well. I guess someone has to go first.
  20. Thanks to those that attended (both nights). In a fortnight we might hold a night explaining the importance of and how to change the o2 in the tyres.