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[Melb] Spanner day, Oct 1st ** Cancelled **

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Androo, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Mod: Sorry, event cancelled

    okay, spanner day is scheduled for this saturday! :D

    so to get a heads up of what kinda turnout to expect, could you please post here if you're coming :)

    if you want, just post the things that you want to do e.g. basic maintenance, carb clean, etc

    and for everyone who wants to be a helper-outter-er, please PM me!

  2. I was planning on making an appearance as an observer and offer what non-existant help I have at my disposal to those that need it. Its a dead certainty that I'll learn more than I'll teach.
  3. will be there but just as a on looker/learner not actually doing any work on the bike, if thats ok
  4. Cool! If you're planning to observe, can I use your bike to practice? If you ask nicely, I'll make it just as good as mine.

    I plan to be there - I'll do my valve clearances. I can bring tools.
  5. Unfortunately I'm 3000km short of my 30000km service and the chain was tightened not 2 weeks ago and seems fine. Additionally, today I booked myself in for the 30000km service in November. So I think it should be alright.

    Anyway going by past "on the run" repairs for the SR I think you need to consult with me not the other way around. ("looks like fuel is leaking out of there and the tank isn't on its bolts. Could that be the cause?") :p
  6. I'll drop in as an observer / assistant to someone if that's OK. I learn by getting my hands dirty, just don't wanna work on my bike as it's booked for a service the weekend after.
  7. I will be there...and would love to clean and balance the carbies on my baby...see you all there
  8. i don't know if it will be possible but i would like to clean my cam chain tentioners. does any body know if i need any gaskets(its a vt 250f2)
    posibly rear shoes if i can get them in time. if i cant doe the above items i will just learn stuff :D

    also to clean out my carbs, basic tune and check floats
  9. I'll try drop in as an observer too
  10. Go on - clean my chain - pleeeezzze?
  11. Might it be a good idea for those that want to do work on their bike to post what they want to do and then the experienced hands can suggest the stuff they will need so it will be there on the day. Assuming we have someone that can offer the right advice willing to give a bit of time.
  12. Why? You don’t even have a centre stand…….its not worth my time!!!! Get a bike with a centre stand and I will think about it
  13. Hey Guys,

    Hopefully will be there just to have a look and hopefully have a chat about what I maybe should be doing.

    Is there anything that I will almost certainly need to do to the Across?

    Look forward to meeting everyone.


  14. i'll be there to give my carbs a balance and get a couple of them dyno runs done :D all i need is that balancer of androos and mebbe a little instruction....
  15. Recycle it :)
  16. Ok I'm there... I'll do a run or two on the dyno... but I will not be doing any thing to my bike!! (just did major service and ogh boy does it run!)

    SO I can give a hand with any thing to any one and I would like to run some new people 9if they are interested) through a "daly pre ride checks & weekly checks"... so that they will not destroy their bikes in the upcumming summer!

    Is there going to be a BBQ??
  17. I'll be there, as an assistant/ observer for any who require same. My bike has just been serviced and does't require any work

    never too old to learn.
  18. Ohhh.......... No idea what my bike need to be done, but at least I want to get it tune. Maybe due for service soon too. Ohh... one of the parts I know it need to change is something about/ called "steering ....." cant remember the name of it.

    I only know how to ride a bike, not anything about mechanic :p
  19. Definitly would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at this one!

    Was going to come along to observe too... *sigh

    Sorry Mark, you'll looks like you miss out on the "Across hotwiring" lesson! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: