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[Melb] Spa Country Ride - 7th Jan 2006

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by voyager, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. New Year, new bike.... MUST RIDE!!! Therefore, its time for another West-side ride.

    Spa Country Cruiser Ride
    A Celebration of Loud Pipes and Comfy Seats

    (all bike types welcome)

    UPDATES - Please take note!!!

    Date: Saturday January 7th
    Ride Distance: 250km loop
    Ride Classification: Part Sightseeing, Part Intermediate. Learner Friendly if you can ride highway speeds for extended periods
    Difficulty & Road Types: Mostly very friendly A & B roads, we're keeping off the freeways. A short tight section, loads of big sweepers with decent speed limits available. This ride is very much about riding at your own pace.
    Route Co-Ordinator: Voyager
    Marshalls: Voyager, Scumbag, Deyago, G, Chairman, one other yet to be determined. We'll ensure we're easy to spot out there.

    START POINT: Bacchus Marsh
    Meeting Place: McDonalds, Gisborne Rd, Bacchus Marsh. (between the two roundabouts on Gisbourne Road, near corner of Bacchus Marsh Road and Grant Street. Impossible to miss.)
    Time: 10:00am for 10:30am departure. if you're not there by 10:30am we'll leave without you.
    Amenities: Full range of fuel available at the BP on Main Street or the ALCO station next door.

    Getting There From Melbourne: Go over the Westgate Bridge, and swing onto the Western Ring Road. Take the Western Highway exit, follow until you see the signs to Bacchus Marsh. Follow them in from any exit you like - they all eventually hit a roundabout from which you'll be able to see the meeting point.

    Route Plan: Ride Map - An UPDATED copy of the map will be available on the day.

    We're looking at quite a lot of bikes turning up, so we'll break into smaller riding groups with a designated Leader/Tail-End. Corner marking will happen WITHIN groups - Ride Leaders will advise. If you don't know what corner marking is, ask BEFORE you depart.

    Stage 1: Bacchus Marsh - Romsey
    Distance: 60km
    Route Plan: Climb up into the hills on the Bacchus-Gisborne Road into Gisborne. Next we'll follow the Gisborne-Kilmore Road, a quick 2km up the Calder (or the parallel side road on the west side) and right onto Mt Macedon Road. Through Mt Macedon, a switchback onto Woodend-Wallan Road, then into Romsey
    Notes: Romsey isn't large - we'll just pull over for a re-assembly and then continue. 10min watering stop, particularly if its a hot day. Make the left turn onto the Lancefield road, and then pull over under the shade.

    Stage 2: Romsey - Heathcote
    Distance: 55km
    Route Plan: head up the the Lancefield-Woodend Road and follow it into Lancefield. Finally, jump onto the Lancefield - Tooborac Road and cruise through Tooborac, follow it onto the Northern Highway and into Heathcote.
    Notes: Lunch in Heathcote - roughly a 90min break. Heathcote is essentially about 2km of main street lined with shops and shade. Ride Leaders will advise where they want everyone for departure and when.

    Stage 3: Heathcote - Kyneton
    Distance: 55
    Route Plan: Take the Heathcote-Kyneton road down through Redesdale and into Kyneton.
    Notes: 15min fuel/watering stop. BP on the side road has all fuels, but isn't large.

    Stage 4: Kyneton - Bacchus Marsh
    Distance: 70km
    Route Plan: Leave Kyneton on the Kyneton-Trentham road, then break left in Trentham onto the Blackwood Road to Blackwood. This becomes the Greendale-Trentham Road - follow into Greendale, then take a left at a roundabout to follow the Greendale road through to the Western Highway. Turn right, and follow down the hill and up into Bacchus Marsh. Take a right, then straight through at both roundabouts will see us on the doorstep of Flanegans.

    END POINT: Flanegans Border Inn, Main Street. Bike-friendly pub.
    Notes: I anticipate arriving back in Bacchus Marsh around 4:30pm, but this is dependant on how long people spend in Heathcote.

    I'll be stopping for a cool drink (non-alcoholic, of course) before I head for home - anyone is welcome to join me for a quiet ride review and a few laughs.

    People who've ridden with me before now may know some of these roads. I've tried to pick some of the better ones in the area to allow for all skill levels and bike types. Whilst the ride is aimed at those of us who enjoy a cruiser for what it is, the section through Macedon - in fact most of the ride all the way from Gisbourne to Redesdale has something in it for the sportsbike riders.

    Currently Keen to Attend: too many to list. Could be upwards of 40 bikes, hence several listed marshalls.
  2. Excellent, it's in the diary...
  3. As long as the weather holds count me in.
  4. Spa Country Run

    Would you like to send an invitation to the Old Fartz @ The Westgate Wanderers?

    I haven't posted a run up yet for January.

    If you would like an additional 10 plus riders, fell free to invite us.
  5. Looks like a superbly planned and organise ride, mate. It deserves to be well patronised. And an excuse to give the new beast a gallop :D A winner all round.
  6. Scumbag: very weather dependant. If its pissing down, I'm likely to lose some degree of enthusiasm for the idea....

    Vic: I submitted it to the calendar about 5min after the post went up on Friday. If its not there, blame whoever authorises them from your end. :p

    T2: Its open to anyone, feel free to come along.
  7. Sounds like a good ride, unless something else comes up I'll be there.
  8. hmmm might have to come out and say hi while you guys are in Kyneton.
  9. I can't plan that far ahead but if nothing comes up I'm there.
  10. where in Kyneton you going to meet/gather etc?
  11. Application for day release is in! :D
  12. Hey Voyager,

    Sounds like a great ride, count me in!!! :D :D :D

    Firestorm. :D :) :D :) :D
  13. Your place sounds good... :)

    Seriously though, wherever we can fit the number of bikes we have. Typically out the front of the pub, but could be anywhere. Suggestions welcome.
  14. My place?? well there is definately enough space out the front for parking and about 5 minutes walk from there to anyting in town. :LOL:

    Well there are 4 pubs i know of.... can only comment on 2 as haven't been to the others. might have trouble getting the cars out of the way though. depend if you gonna stay for a meal att he pub or justa coffe... if just a coffee i reccomand standing in the centre of town and throwing a stone in a random Direction..... there's that many cafes you;ll hit 1 at least. Failing that

    Cafe 101 on Mollison St next to Newsagent. Highly recomended. Good coffee :)

    I'd come with ya if i was wheeled :(
  15. I'm in - I''ll be second last just in front of tail end charlie
    Can I get a bath in the middle of a lavendar field with this ride?
  16. Which will probably be me... oh well, at least I get some company.
  17. i will be there if weather permitting :D never ridden those roads will be interesting
  18. I'm in big guy 8) . I might be able to lead too unless you find someone better. I'd like one other floating marshal to ride up and down the group to keep an eye on everyone if it's a big group though. Just to avoid any missed turns etc.
  19. Don't think it will be too large a group, and thank you for the offer. if we get a fair few bikes then we'll fragment into those who want to ride at Warp 9 and those of us who'd like to SEE the scenery gently whizz by at the posted limit.