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[Melb] Southern Classic Historic Racing, 1st & 2nd Oct

Discussion in 'VIC' started by jdaley, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. The 24th running of the fabulous event will take place on 1 / 2 October at Broadford.
    The Swap meet, catering and market place all adds to the 44 race events.
    Racing starts about 10 o'clock and addmission costs are from memory Sat. $10, Sunday $15 Family ticket 2 adults all the children in the car $25 per day.

    I am curious to hear if there will be any members coming up, I would like to meet them.
    Sidecar #68
  2. Re: Southern Classic Historic Racing

    I'll be there! Last year was fantastic. Yeah, the MotoGP might be fun, but you can't beat the Southern Classic for hands-on involvment. I wandered through the pits last year having a stickybeak and stopped to watch a bloke working on his 750/4 outfit - next thing I'm holding a spanner and helping take off the head. Can't see that happening at Phillip Island.

    John - Any chance of the circuit being opened up for a track session?
  3. Broadford is just north of Seymour, correct?
    Sounds like the sort of meeting that an old fogey like me should go to. Plenty of people and bikes from my era, (and even before)
    I might see if hornet and I can get down there for that one.
  4. Your "Old fogey bike information" would be well regarded at such a meeting :LOL:
  5. Broadford is about 10 minutes south of Seymour (sort of) in that it's 10 minutes closer to Melbourne on the freeway.

    The track is located a little over 1km off the freeway if you come up from Melbourne but you need to go through Broadford itself if you're coming in from up North.

    The biggest problem with going to Broadford from Melbourne is that Allens Lollies have put a billboard besides the freeway just before the exit and it has a time/temp display telling you either, you're running late or it's bloody cold :LOL:
  6. i am wrkin john,good luck
  7. It's a rally as well (with badges - camping etc available) The MRA will be helping on the gate - selling tickets etc. I'm hoping to get there this year again.

    Hopefully we can catch up down there...

  8. Just a reminder - the Southern Classic is fast approaching. Next weekend, Broadford will provide two days of loud, oily, smokey vintage, veteran and classic racing, a track parade, displays and a swap meet. Get in quick and you may be able to get a lap in a sidecar (the HMRAV's website for details or ring John on 03 9888 4387)

    A well known motorcyling peak body and lobby group are running a ride to Broadford on Saturday, taking in the roads less travelled - contact them for details.
  9. I'm hoping to get away for the Sunday for this, already commited the Saturday to the "spanner day"
  10. My plan would seem to be similar...but add to the spanner day the MRA's exhaust testing in the morning.
  11. The linked website tells me
    Which day is the ride Saturday 1st October or Sunday the 2nd October?
  12. More details:

    Meet point:
    Old England Hotel
    459 Lower Heidelberg Rd Heidelberg 3084

    Melways map ref 32 B5
    (Servo, supermarket and KFC close by)

    Date: Saturday, 1st October

    Time: 09.30 am for a 10.00 am departure


    Heidelberg -> St Andrews via Eltham and Research -> Kinglake -> Kinglake West -> Flowerdale -> Strath Creek -> Broadford.

    Probably B class ride overall but St Andrews -> Kinglake section very tight and twistie. At a guess about 2 1/2 hours (3 if we wanna stop for a break at Kinglake)
  13. sounds like my type of event.. though I have things planed on te 1st and 2nd :(
  14. I'm heading in on Sunday if anyone is interested. Will be leaving from Footascray and going via Kingslake. Mark, I'll give you a call later to see if you still want to ride in together.
  15. I'm heading up and probably take the route that the mra ride took. Only thing is that I'm not sure when I'll be heading off, probably pretty late so you guys shouldn't wait for me.
  16. Casa Del Deyago, 8.30am. See you there
  17. Cool, I'll be here. If anyone else want to join us then let one of us know and we can collect you on the way or you can meet us at my place in the morning.
  18. Hey I'm going to this one... Not going to ride up with you guys though... If your leaving at 10 for a 3 1/2 hr ride up there you wont be there till about 1pm...To late for me.I'll be leaving Templestowe at about 9am and going straight up the freeway.
  19. A big thank-you to John Daley and HMRAV, and Tony, Derek and the MRA crew, for a really great day out. The Southern Classic was an absolute pearler! Deyago and I took the backroads (Flowerdale etc) and played boy-racer on the way up, and Matt232 joined us there.

    The sun shone, the birds sang, methanol fumes wafted on the the gentle breeze and big fast loud bikes ripped up the Broadford circuit. Everything - from step-throughs to GSX 1100s - were out and flying.

    Highlight of the day - the 1954 Triumph sidecar that took every corner sideways. Watching these beasts dice was like watching elephants mate - not as fast as the other bikes, but once they got their rhythm there was no stopping them. But in between the Triumph's outings we saw CB250s, RD400s, Norton Dominators, Harley WLAs, Anzanis, Indians, Vincents, Ducatis. There were mongrels galore - Norvins, Tribsas, Suziyama, Rickman Triumph Metisse - there was one of just about everything.

    23 races today - and that follows 21 yesterday - so the racing was non-stop.

    I rode home buzzing, and I'm still getting over how much fun we had. So again, thanks to John and the crew for a first class day.
  20. They were out practicing on Friday and were my highlight at an otherwise quiet open practice day, I loved the "back it into the corner speedway style" they were using on Friday. It's interesting comparing the "older" bikes with their modern counterparts on those practice days.

    Couldn't make it to today's action as I was up at Winton for a Historic Car event but my spies tell me it was a great event.