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[MELB] South East Suburbs Bike Clubs?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tarsh, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    I recently got my learners and then GPX250. I live in Rowville and I'm looking for bike clubs that i can join on this side of town to ride with. If anyone has any info on this please post it up for me. any other useful info would be appreciated.


  2. You don't need a bike club, just people who will ride with you.

    There's a few of us out this way. Keep an eye on the Vic Events section, and jump in and join a ride.

    If you're really worried, I think there's a "Mentors" thread somewhere, or PM someone from down this way, and I'm sure you'll get someone to ride with you. :cool:
  3. don't think you need bike clubs just fine friends that you could go riding with and have fun.... :p
  4. I'm in Wheelers Hill and have only been riding about 5 months..

    I'm yet to turn upto a NR meet, but plan to in the near future. You should come to one at Brandon Park, it's close as..
  5. Hi,
    Im not sure how long/how much you've been looking around the forum but theres a page on mentors and people to help you out.

    Heres the post if you need it(mentors for new riders):

    Normally there are group rides or people that you can ride with on netrider so you can have a look around for one. Alternatively you can come to one of the coffee nights and have a chat with a few people.

    I am also a new rider and I was very lost on what to do until i found netrider. I might see you around.
  6. Hi Tarsh,

    I live up the road from you in Selby and I am on my learners as well, hopefully P's shortly. I go on some of the netrider rides and to some of the coffee nights.

    If you want to meet up feel free to PM me your number and we'll organise something.
  7. thanks for the replies guys.

    i might come down on monday to Brandon Park coffee meet and catch up with the locals.


  8. hey 'anothermacca'

    thanks for your pm. unfortunately i can't pm yet being a new member.

    i might come down to brandon park on monday.

    is that still on?

  9. hey, im from the dandenong ranges area, i'm on my L's and looking for people to ride with as my mates have little interest in two wheelers, i'd be up for a ride!!!
  10. cool.

    find my email under my profile and you can email me and we can exchange details.

    come down to the coffee night on monday nights at brandon park shopping centre.

    what suburb are you from?


  11. i have a few mates that are on 250's also and we generally go for a ride on weekends if your interested

    If you like pm me an dill let you know when we go next